Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God and his Rath


So I'm looking through this girl's facebook, lalala. She's this super thin girl who isn't that pretty (I love it when naturally thin girls are kind of homely, makes me feel like there is a God and he looks out for me now and again) and she's pregnant.

Looking through her pictures because she was in grad school when I was at uni and I always think its weird to imagine people I know having babies. It just doesn't seem right. So I'm looking at her photos trying to absorb the idea of her pregnancy.

Then I realize it. Minus her gigantic belly, she looks like my size. Like her arms could be my arms.

I might as well be fucking pregnant!!! God smites me again.


Leena.Leaner said...

Mine is worse hon. I also had this revealation....but the girl wasn't even one of those "skinny pregos" she was a full on pregnant cow. Agreed, God works in evil ways.


Ana's Girl said...

*hugs* i know the feeling...

Samantha said...

the important thing is that she looks your size minus the big belly. thats one up for you :)

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