Monday, June 28, 2010

rambling along

I'm going to be the bitch and say it, even though I know I'm not the only one thinking it.

I hate thin men.

Something about them makes me feel huge, even when I'm comparatively not. TR used to be very thin but then he discovered that he liked food. I'm too exhausted to write a proper treatise on the whole male thin phenomenon. Plus, I feel a bit slighted as I don't believe I have any male followers. Prove me wrong, make yourself known! Shelving this for now...


I'm going to try and start writing more often again. Not because I think you all are just sitting and waiting for an update from me, but because it might keep me away from those damn meringues that made my evening the other day.

Also, I've become dependent on diet soda. Welcome me into the fold.

Hot dogs and eggs are being plated. Seriously people, I must say, high protein, low everything else has shockingly proved effective. Fuller longer on less calories? Why didn't I think to do this sooner? I'll discuss the incredibly unhealthy but helpful benefits later.

I woke up at 3:00pm today so forgive my lackluster nature.



Kelly said...

I really don't care about what size my man is, I've dated the entire spectrum and never really cared. Although I do give my husband a rough time for being so fat now...

I'm very excited about you writing often again - I LOVE YOUR POSTS

...I'm not a stalker or anything

V said...

Yes, thin men always make me feel so huge! : ( Especially when they're thinner than me AND shorter than me. Then I just feel like a giant.

ksgirl said...

Sex with skinny guys--ick. I always felt like a fat blob crushing them.

That said, I must admit that I have not had sex with any fat guys so I can't speak on that. Guess I'm pretty shallow regarding who I get busy with.

Elora Rose said...

I have diet soda almost every night at work because I can have as much as I want for free! :) It takes the place of dinner! :D

Flushed said...

Me too with the diet soda.

I want to hear more about this Dukan Diet. E-mail me.


Char Vicki said...

Hey, with you there on the thin-man-jealousy. My boyfriend loves food but is naturally skeletal and it's been very hard to deal with since I'm in recovery.

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