Friday, September 17, 2010

Nothing is Happening

I feel like my life is so busy but nothing is happening.
Does that make sense?

I just want to be back in the place where all I did was sit in my giant bed (RIP bed) and read blogs all day and watch TV. I have a legitimate (aka whiny) post written out in my head but of course I have to go meet someone for coffee.

Do I still have readers? I feel like I have 3 people reading.

Ugh I hate that I can't write on here anymore without sounding pathetic.

End transmission.


what if summer... said...

Hey I'm always happy to see you're back from the blogging dead. You're my favorite blogger zombie.

Anonymous said...

Still reading.

Shiloh Daring said...

Also still reading!

And I always have blogs in my head I never get around to writing so don't feel bad

Raynay said...

I'm still reading! XOXO

Anabelle Iris said...

I'm still reading as well.

Anise said...

one of those three BETTER be me because you know i'm reading, damn it :D

my life is retardedly busy but nothing is happening. at the beginning i did that on purpose with the intention of getting the ED/etc. under control but now i just feel like i'm not getting anywhere. yet i have hardly any nest time. it's horrid.

stop trying to write brilliant things. i have found that the more you try to force it the harder it is, the longer you stay away, and then the harder it is to come back and write something. too much pressure, too much obligation. so write whatever's in your head. many people are probably far more whiny and way way less eloquent. you say intelligent things without even trying. and now you have a degree so you have nothing to prove :D

anyway. october. i am coming to visit you come hell or high water. then your life can be busy but something exciting will be happening! assuming i'm exciting, of course, which i'm NOT. but something different, i suppose.

what the hell am i going on about? uhh. welcome to my brain-dead state. i just got a jury summons and i'm thinking, shouldn't i be excused on the grounds that there is no possible way i can pay attention to an ENTIRE trial when my head is always spinning and i am far more interested in the contents of the cafeteria or the relative size of the bodies in the courtroom than the fate of a person's life? sad. but excuses require doctors and access to patient files and i am far too private and ashamed of all my mental illnesses to allow that. so i will do what we all do and put on a good face and play pretend and take a lot of valium and act like i still remember what it is to be normal. oy.

xx x

Pasco said...


Joy of joys to see you blogging. We went down together, and now the big fat bitches we are have gone up together.

And all the fatties who used to follow us have become thin (it's always easier the first time round) and now they read our blogs and smirk and laugh and think they've "done it", they've won and they're better than their former idols.

Don't worry, they'll bounce and be just like us soon.

Like you, I'm preparing to go back through the depths of my blog and find out why everything seemed to work then and nothing works now.

Like you, I'm thinking of putting some pants on and hitting the supermarket for diet drinks.

I love and miss you

(My word verification is "hampad" - I find that strangely revolting)

Char Vicki said...

I read.

Flushed said...

I fell asleep in the middle of scrolling to the bottom, over the comments and through the woods to the end of the post-I'M HERE!!! Always reading!


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