Sunday, November 7, 2010

In defense of my dog.

Ouch, lost a follower. Message received.


Does anyone else have an unnatural attachment toward animals? I don't mean this in the "furry" kind of sense (shudder) but I find that an injured animal upsets me more than an injured person. I hate watching movies where there's a battle with people on horse because something happens and the horse falls over (probably crushing whoever was riding it) and I get incredibly worried about the horse. The fictional horse.

I've always felt this way about animals. Something about people I just can't connect with. Maybe I feel like people will inevitably choose to leave me. Maybe I sense that people are morally corrupt and too ambiguous in their motives. Animals are incredibly predictable. The rules are clear and engagement is simple.

The other thing is that an animal, specifically a pet, needs me. There is an obligation to care for it. If I disappeared, it wouldn't understand.

It wouldn't endeavor to harm me out of spite or hurt me for revenge.

They remind me of everything I am not.


Gem!! said...

I feel so completely the same.

I'd prefer a child starve over an animal. A human or child beaten over an animal.
I guess it's because animals are so completely helpless. They can't talk, they can't express themselves the way we do.
An animal is always forgiving - all it wants is love.

I've said so many countless times over that I'd prefer to spend my life with a dog over a human.


P.S the "word verification" for this is 'staffo' ... Maybe that has some connection to what you're talking about - the Staffy. Never really liked the staffy dogs tho.

what if summer... said...

I always jump to ridiculous conclusions when I lose a follower. The automatic reaction, "omg someone decided my blog was stupid!" I can read minds... and they must hate me.

Funny, I actually like losing followers. How I have over 100 "readers" is completely beyond me. Maybe I could just make my blog private and have 10 people who actually have personality and opinions read my shit.
I don't really need constant motivation from people who simply copy and paste "stay strong" everywhere.

But that's just me being bitch. Embrace it.

Hanz said...

I'm studying to be a vet so I certainly feel the same way!
During my revision before my exams I actually got a 3 hour train home for a day because my chinchilla had hurt his leg... haha.
Animals are alot more forgiving than humans as well, and they don't care what shit you talk to them about =] x

Piglet said...

I totally relate to the core of my very being.


I find I relate better to my cat then to my husband sometimes. I fucking love her and I will have a nervous breakdown when she dies.

Animals are innocent creatures that only act agressively out of instinct...unless they were trained to be agressive that is. Therefore, they deserve no harm. I always get angry when I hear that an animal is "put down" for attacking a human. Not because I don't pity the human, but because the animal was simply doing what it does. It can't go aganist it's very nature. And odds are, the human was attacked due to human error (either the human being attacked or the error of another human).

Annie said...

i know exactly what you mean. i feel the same way towards animals.

Anise said...

ME TOO. why do you think i walk dogs for a living? it's the only job i can do. all of those days when i can barely crawl out of bed, when i'm thinking of dying as a better alternative to living, i always come back to the fact that my dogs need me. despite everything they still have to poop. and because even if i just take them three feet from their door, they are happy. even if i just show up. they don't care about the scars on my thighs, they watch me puke in my clients' bathrooms and they do not judge, they are always so pleased that i exist. i think that's it. they do not question my existence but take it for granted that i deserve to be on this earth, and moreover, they are pleased. i never have to worry about saying the wrong thing or offending them or things getting complicated. it's so much simpler.

i'm glad you posted this despite your reservations. totally worth it.

xx x

Peridot (G+P) said...

Nothing upsets me more than neglect of or cruelty towards animals. Watching an animal being tortured upsets me more than seeing another human endure the same treatment.

"You are responsible, forever, for that which you have tamed"

sarah said...

oh god, i so agree with this. i hate watching all my favourite childhood movies over - namely 'milo & otis' & the 'homeward bound' movies & not being able to stop thinking the whole time "is that real? oh god, they didn't really hurt put sassy in the river did they? oh no, it looks pretty real.. please be fake please be fake."

it's pretty much ruined my lovely childhood movie memories!

i hate how people can justify for example, kicking a dog that has bitten them. do they really think the dog had previously thought "i fucking hate this human, later on, i'm going to bite them, just to be a prick." they have no malicious intent, no agenda.

& it's awful when horsies fall down! they're so damn big & top heavy, they're not made to fall over!

Liz Anatasia said...

Absolutely. I love animals and their pain destroys me.

mlw said...

I like animals, but I always feel like I don't take good enough care of them, so none for me.

Kelly said...

I like to think whenever I lose a follower it's because they found a way back to a 'healthier' mindset - if there is such a thing...

& honestly, I have a difficult time becoming attached to animals (& people) because I'm worried if they rely on me too much, I'll only let them down.

AS said...

I feel the same way, precisely. I've been a vegetarian for years. I would never, ever hurt an animal. I have so much compassion and love for them...but really I struggle having compassion and love for humans. It sounds harsh...but I see what mankind does to itself, to the environment, and to other animals, and all I feel is disgust.

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