Monday, November 22, 2010


Have you ever felt really thin and looked at yourself in the mirror and said, "I am definitely like 20 pounds lighter. Sleep really does wonders!" Then you go on the scale and you actually weigh more? And it cannot be explained by water-retention or the weight of your ever lengthening hair (whenever I'm growing my hair out, I always think to myself, "If you would just cut your hair short again you'd probably weigh like 5 pounds less!") or the weight of tiny robots that may be camping out in your spleen!

Anyway, I'm still going to call it a victory. I feel less revolting so win! Actually, I'm incredibly proud of myself. My family has been spreading out Thanksgiving so we don't eat everything in one day and want to die. This has a downside for me because I'll be going to TR's parents house for Thanksgiving (aaah the first holiday spent with in-laws! My life is turning into a romantic comedy!) so basically I'll be eating Thanksgiving food at my house for 3 days then go to his house and have a huge dinner and then 3 days worth of leftovers.

The only thing saving me is that his mom isn't a great cook (fucking would it kill you to maybe season your food?! WOULD IT!?!!?) and I'm incredibly picky. So hopefully I'll just eat the pie I'm bringing and push some of her food around on the plate until it looks like I enjoyed her hospital food.

But anyway, I'm proud of myself. Today I was all set to make candied yams so my mother put out everything for me to make it. I LOVE my yams. I really love most Thanksgiving food actually but only if it was made by me or my mother. Otherwise Thanksgiving and most holiday food can go fuck itself.

So I decided that after my mashed potato overload yesterday (and midnight snack of hummus and pita) that perhaps today should be one of moderation. I put the yams back in the cabinet and ran upstairs to avoid the kitchen all together.

HOORAY FOR ME! I've done something that normal people have no problem doing on a daily basis.



Piglet said...


You're little *smug* at the end gave me a little giggle.

what if summer... said...

wow, is TR my brother? because our mom doesn't season food either... ever.

i spent thanksgiving (after i had already eaten at at my house) with the boyfriend's family one time, and it was the most horrendous array of food ever. ugh...

i would love to enjoy thanksgiving with a southern belle. i would leave obese.

Kelly said...

my mom doesn't season food either - I grew up watching her cook and every time I make something I learned from her I have to remind myself to triple the amount of seasoning she would normally use.

best of luck over the holiday!

heavnlypi said...

that always happens to me, the feeling thinner but actually weighing more. and when i weight less i feel like i look fatter.

good job avoiding the kitchen :)

Ana Marie said...

Wow, that really sucks about thanksgiving. Can you post the calories and recipe for the yams?

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