Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Ayes Have It

Thanks for coming out to vote everyone! And I blush at the compliments about my arms... you aren't seeing them when they're squished up against my sides though, different story ;)


So I realized this morning I can wear the wig when I'm having a HORRIBLE hair day. I can't wear a hat to work, and sometimes my hair is just a hot mess... so that's what happened this morning. If anyone asks, I've already got a sad "Oh, I had skin cancer in high school so I still have the wig and I wear it sometimes when I feel funky" story. No one can think bad things about someone who had cancer. Though in reality, I just bought the wig... but I did actually have melanoma in high school (I had to wear this ridiculous bucket hat for like 2 months because hats were against "dress code"... so in hind sight, I really should have gone for a wig back then). So it's only a half lie.


Tonight I've gotta get caught up with blogs because I'm a terrible person, so I'm going to cut this off now. The comic may or may not happen this week... I kind of want to blow the money in my bank account and get a Wacom Tablet. My national insurance number needs to come soon so I can get paid. Eek!

Loving you, each and every one.



Pasco said...

Where the bloody hell have I been!?

Around and about, busy but not exciting, and now back! Back to shower you with adoration! I like your real hair better. And everything else that goes with it. Natch (short for naturally, but you can't really spell it right without it coming out wrong)

Oh, and of course I use natch ironically.

Oh, and of course I also know that technically its not really irony as such but shcmeh, I'm gonna fuck off now


heebeejebus! said...

Good plan! Really, half-lies are barely lies at all! Haha.

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