Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need a Vote

Kay. So, I am sick of my hair.

You, my fine readers need to tell me which looks better... I trust your opinion. And don't say "neither" because there's nothing I can damn well do about that.

My hair is short and I hate it now. But I don't want to get extensions because they're expensive and they can f-up your real hair....

SO I'm super creepy and got a wig and I can just tell everyone I got extensions. But I can't tell if it looks good. Need ya'lls opinion.


My short hair. Option 1. I can't take pictures without making ugly faces.

Option 2 and ugly face no.2 You would think I can't smile AND look disgusted, but I can. And do. It's a gift my friends.

So, right I need guidance lol. UGH I have a super long rant about hating NHS again, but I think I'm going to save it for when I'm not so angry at them. *Shakes fist*.


And for your viewing pleasure. Remember that post when I showed everyone how my mother LITERALLY looks like Paula Deen? Well I stumbled upon this gem and thought you all would appreciate it. My mom PD at age 16.

You can't tell because she's scrunching up her chin, but she weighs like 90 pounds here. Jealous. But now she has heart problems and osteoporosis. Oops.

I guess I will say that basically, in regards to NHS (so this isn't a totally creepy wasted post), I finally had my appointment today with a psychiatrist after waiting for a month, and I was just referred to a DIFFERENT unit.

Guess which one? Uh, the ED unit. Damn bastard calculating my BMI and deciding that if I just eat 3 meals a day all my other problems will go away. Cha, ya right. So now I'm still off ALL my meds and he won't refill my ritalin because he thinks I can't concentrate in class because I'm fucking hungry. Idiot, I can't concentrate on class becuase I have ADHD and I usually effing do work to get my mind off being hungry. Ass.

See what I said about the angry? haha.


Oh and just because I feel like it, here's another doodle! The purse reminds me of TinkyWinky the Teletubby. That's right, I threw that reference in there.


Jesus, this is officially the worst post I've ever written.


Ophelia said...

Aww see I think the short hair really suits you! I like it.
However I am obsessed with long hair so I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Every time I go to the hairdresses and they want to trim 2/3 inches I'm like oh pleaseee keep it as long as possible!
The wig looks really lush and if you fancy a change of style then definately go for it! It does make you look rather glam, so yes, keep it!!

And yeah, don't even get me started on the NHS. Whenever some doctor/nurse tries to gabble their crap at you just tell them, quite plainly, that they're talking crap. It's the only way.

lots of love xx

Ophelia said...
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what if summer... said...

I'm liking the short hair. Most def.

I was about to be wishy washy and say something nice about the wig, but I'm going to keep it to myself for the sake of giving you a straight answer.


SophiaRuins said...

i think your hair short looks stunning on you and deff compliments you.

GOD youve got arms to die for!!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Oiseau said...

I think short for sure love!
:) you're arms seriously ARE perfect.

CellarDoor said...

I tend to like longer hair, but I like short hair on you better...I like the long wig, but it looks abnormally shiney..if there was a way to tone that down, then I like the wig...and yea, fyi, your arms are perfect.

Ana said...

:] the short hair is cute! There's plenty you can do with it if you're sick of it, YouTube is full of stuff.
Pigtails are so cute on super short hair.
Sideswept bangs
a little front french braid (look up lauren conrad braid)
and hair accessories are fantastic and adorable in hair like yours!
and the wig does look kind of fake to me, but that could be because I know it's a wig.

Lulu said...

the short hair is cute. the long hair you can wear for special occasions/off days and be a different person, like superman!

yes the NHS sucks ass. so so much. idiots. i wish i hadnt taken some of your ritalin now. and i wish even more i had lost it so it was a wasted gift!

you're worth it *wink* haha

Ana's Girl said...

Ugly faces, my arse. You're a cutie. Lol. I'm not a big fan of the bangs on the wig, to be honest. I think i like your short hair better.
My mom was always super-skinny too. She was under 100 lbs when she graduated from high school, but she never watched what she ate; still doesn't and she's still not fat! Ugh!
I'd be angry at NHS too. Did you protest and tell him that you do eat three meals a day? Sometimes lies are the best.
Loving the drawing.

heebeejebus! said...

Firstly even with your silly picture faces, you're very pretty. : ) And your arms are amazing! I think I like your short hair better. I can't really tell from the second picture if the wig looks natural or not. If it does, I'd say what the heck, wear the wig if you want to. Or switch back and forth whenever you feel like it.

Kelly said...

not the worst post ever - actually very entertaining :)

& I love, love, love the short hair on you, but if you are bored with it you look fabulous with the long hair as well.

& buying a wig does not make you 'super creepy' - wearing it every other day would be weird because then people would know it was a wig and not extensions, but your choice

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