Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ode to A Seedling, Struggling to Grow

Sometimes I feel like I'm shouting at the wind. Typing away and no one is really reading except the echoes wooshed and swirled back at me--tossing around my hair and kissing my chapped nose--reminding me that there are bigger forces than myself out there.


Oh, Sapling outside my window
You have lost most your leaves and I imagine you are quite cold
For you, I enviously note when I walk by, are so gracefully thin
And if I am shivering... you must be frozen

Yet in the breezes and harshness of the elements
You sway gently and stand proud
Slight and lithe and beautiful
If I could, I would only ever look like you

Someday, I hope to find shelter under your sparse branches
You will hide and inspire me with your striking foliage
But in order to do so, we should both make a pact:
You must grow a bit,
And I must dwindle.


Holly said...

Beautiful Savory <3

heebeejebus! said...

Sooo good. : )

Flushed said...

I'm always reading and relating and aweing at your talent and creativity.

Seeing the world through your eyes must be something great when you can make something so slight as a sapling wonderous.

Ana's Girl said...

That's so amazingly beautiful!

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