Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 drinks later

On the plane I wrote a post that I don't even remember writing.

Deciding to get drunk on a long haul flight isn't a good idea. Really shit actually. Basically ruined the idea of business class forever and I left the lavatory in a disgusting state.

After I sobered up however, I did realize something else besides my tendency towards alcoholism was up. I've got some kind of bad cold or food poisoning or dehydration or something. But sleeping 16 hours has been a definite help hah.

I'm only going to post a few things from this strange post because most of it is just too weird:

"I’m watching “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” on the airplane DVD. I don’t really know the world my British readers live in (despite the fact I’ve been inundated with it for the past three months) but Harry Potter always reminds me of a world within I don’t belong. Loo? Lavatory? It’s still very foreign to me. If I have to, I’ll call it a “toilet.”

(cut out a bunch of strange rubbish)

"This leads me to my main point, readers. We see ourselves with less merit than the rest of the world. Having an opinion that doesn’t matter in comparison. I say, fight that inner turmoil. Tell the universe that YOU matter. I’m sure there would be a decreased number of suicides and self-harm if people just told you: YOU COUNT, YOU MATTER.

"I’ve met TWO girls in my graduate course of thirty who have admitted to an eating disorder without prompting. I’m grinding my teeth now (think of this as a post-modern, stream-of-consciousness post please). This makes me think…………. Are our problems really unique? Or are they a manifestation of a larger segment of people who suffer but haven’t found the internet to vent?"


And that's where I stopped. By the way, DUH on the last part. I don't know why I thought that was profound!

I feel gross still and I've nothing in the house except loads and loads of herbal tea. Suppose I'll just go switch on the kettle (hooray for breaking down and buying an electric kettle!) and nurse some hot tea for a bit. If I get incredibly desperate I think I have a few jars of baby food somewhere that I haven't eaten because they don't taste like lovely applesauce as they do in the states. It tastes a bit like mushy porridge and fruit.

Do something not stupid today readers! Follow not my example but my penitent words :)


Anise said...

well i want to say that i love how you're channelling (insert post-modern stream-of-consciousness writer here a la Faulkner/Woolf/Joyce/etc.), but my severely SoCal-allergy-addled brain can't remember who it is you ARE channelling. regardless, i LOVE your nonsensical posts. they're more profound than many people's sensical posts.

anyway i am insanely jealous that you got to go back to London after a few weeks in this shithole i'm now in. i obviously did the opposite. STUPID DESERT. i can't believe you got trashed on such a long flight which leaves so much room for sobering up and feeling ill after the drunky part. i also threw up on the plane but that was because they kept shoving horrible-smelling, strangely delicious food at me, and chocolate, which was rather rude, or so i thought. no one else seemed to mind.

was i going to say anything intelligent here? i cannot remember. my brain is in a jet-lagged/flu-like-symptoms-thanks-to-allergies-to-the-desert fog. and i refuse to leave my bed because if i close my eyes i can still pretend i'm in London. so enjoy it for me, ok?

so there you go, stream-of-consciousness response to your post-modern stream-of-consciousness post. hmm something is circling in my brain about continuing this way and we'll have so many layers it'll be like Finnegans Wake but i seem to have lost that thread of thought now.

uhh. the smart thing to do here would be to highlight-delete-cancel-comment. but am i smart enough to do that?

i think the answer is obvious.

xx x

Anonymous said...

man i'm so annoyed to have missed all your most recent posts! theyre brilliant! i love the streams of consciousness and forgetting you wrote shit, its kinda my thing lately...

i had something else poignant to say but i forget now. xx

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