Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taffy and Cuties

OK. Anise has successfully dragged me out of my hidey hole. That and I'm incredibly frustrated with this book chapter I'm trying to read that is mostly describing some inane dull plastics invention that is supposed to teach me about materials and technology for lecture on Monday.

I couldn't care less.

But dear readers, I hope you believe me when I say that I've been writing little blogs in my head almost every day, I just haven't signed on to compose them because when I get near my computer they just seem so much less poetic than they did when I was walking along the streets looking at my reflection in shop windows. Shallow in many aspects, I know.

Anise is warning me about taffy. It is, my dear readers, a very slippery slope. In fact, I'm a bit worried because my teeth are getting a bit sensitive. But I'm more worried because they're starting to shift and I really don't want Ugly Betty adult braces.


Anyway, I've run out of money and my student loans don't come in for a few weeks. So I've decided to eat clementine cuties, watered down juice concentrate, and the occasional chewy candy (hence the taffy for breakfast!).

I technically have some soup and things, but when I eat things that are flavorful it gets my appetite worked up and I really only have about 80 American dollars to my so I'm just going to stick to citrus.

Sending you all little fairy kisses. Think about something other than food.

Today, I'm going to do the reading for Monday. Usually I make grand plans to get all these things done, and then I crash and burn and nothing gets done. So, today, I *just* want to get my readings done. What small but achievable task will you be doing?

EDIT: Jess just informed me she changed her blog address so if you're following her, make sure she's still on you're blog roll If you aren't following her, be sure you check out her blog, it's fantastic and wise, and she's been all over the world doing real cleanses!


Jess said...

Your diet reminds me of when I was in Shanghai and so so broke those first couple of mths...I LIVED off of mandarin oranges lol.

Btw I changed my blog address but it still shows I have followers does it show up in your blog roll? If not can you maybe tell ppl to switch to my new address

I'm finally back on track :)

Insane Jayne said...

Haha, yes Anise seems to have a talent for dragging people out of small spaces and she's dead on about those taffys!

glad your back...;) Ive been following you for ages, But I think this is the first time ive commented!

small achievable task today?
-ive been sitting on 99 followers for 2 days and its driving me nuts.... lol Anybody interested in making it 100??

Take care girl, good luck with those cuties

Cally C. said...

Mandarins are VERY good for you at least!
Hope you get financial aid soon, lover!
You're doing fab.

Insane Jayne said...

your a legend ;)

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