Friday, March 26, 2010

I can hear the birds chirping.

handful jelly beans
Percy Pigs & Friends
2 ciders

(You can see a pattern with me and sugar. No brown things! And finally under 1000cals again!)

I have THE best idea for a cheesy sap sap romantic comedy. But I'm also high as a kite, so I might wake up tomorrow and realize I was talking about 2 people falling in love because they love the same color. Although there could be an angle to that one!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I very much enjoy your blog, AND that I would very much like to know what a "Percy Pig & Friends" is. :)

Anonymous said...

Percy Pigs!
My childhood moulded in pink sugar.

Little Dandelion Girl said...

Aaaa percy pig. I remember when they bought out a lemon flavour and I was hooked. Damn those cute piglets.

Yes I am back in London! Are you still there? I have an interview on the 12th in the late afternoon so I don't know whether you would be free around lunch to catch up or anything?

My backlog is boring - I wouldnt bother! Here is a summary: I keep getting fatter. I cant stand it. Now I am home facing family force feeding and getting fatter, dreaming of durham andskinny times ahead. That sums it up really. And just that I have an interview at vogue and king's college but I still don't know what I am doing really.

Hope you are ok Munchkin,
Sending you my love xxx

throughraindrops said...

well i have a very close bond with a friend because we both love purple so it could be a wonderful story x

belle svelte said...

hello. i'm catching up too. i've completely lost track of blogging since the year started...

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