Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm watching "Notting Hill" because I was there today...

... the movie isn't terribly good. But I don't have high expectations for either Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts, both of whom I find terribly terrible. But "Notting Hill" the place is lovely, while simultaneously reminding me of my poverty and impending doom.


I can't tell if this makes me hungry or revolted, but I suppose the moral of the story is I would probably be thinner if it was 1974.

Today I'm going to keep my eating habits a secret, as I'm afraid I'll jinx myself. I might have already done it just in this last sentence. eeee!

The only thing I will tell you is I can't fit into my teeny tiny ultra skinny jeans anymore. Size 6 or even size 8. Lord, I can probably barely manage a size 10 these days... but in my defense I like my skin-tight jeans to be ironically comfortable.

In other news, cheers to skirts that cover up wobbly bits and swishing thighs.

With all my heart,
Savory Sweet

P.S. I'm going to list off every British phrase/word that I've started to pick up in my every day language: "cheers" "can't be bothered" "brilliant" "mates" "tosser" "rubbish" "the bin" "queue" "fair enough" "wellies" "trousers" "jumper" "crap (as in 'these are crap directions')" "gorgeous (as in the way good food tastes...)" "sweetie" "lads" "slag" "chips" "crisps" "cheap and cheerful" "clever" "gobsmacked" "tuck in" "knackered" "mental" "tanked" "wanker" "nosh"

I have never been able to say "bloody" without sounding like an idiot. Yes, I sometimes practice aloud at home. Don't pretend you haven't ever thought about wearing one of those stupid bluetooth headpieces so you could talk to yourself without looking "mental." Whatever mates, I can't be bothered. Fairenoughcheersthnxbi.


minaralou said...

ohhh I love these *british* words :D hearing them say stuff like gobsmacked,knackered...aww okay I am clearly kinda UK addict ;) still it is great to hear a "not" british say positive things about their special words xD

throughraindrops said...

haha being a brit i use alot of them all the time i didnt even realise they were very brittish i use cheers and fair enough all the time and bloody seems to slip its way into my words constantly bad habit


Cally C. said...

♥ "can't be bothered."
My fiance's mom is British and he uses random British words with his American accent. I adore it.

Your jiggly bits will be gone in no time.

Good luck with your secret eating plan!

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