Friday, February 26, 2010

Loads Of Liquids Day 1

Alright kiddos, here's how it's going to work.

Because I hate my kitchen, there's no way I can rely on keeping anything in there. So boxed juice it is!!

I'm going to cut the juice as much as possible, and I've got diet 7Up to mix with it now and then to spice things up. For every cup of juice I drink, I'm going to drink a cup of tea before I can have more juice.

I usually get cravings for savory things and sweet things. Juice for sweet. And I've figured out how I can have more juice for savory!

Tomato juice. Some hot sauce and pepper and I've got juice soup.

Tonight I'm taking some laxatives just to cleanse out my system and I'll think about taking a daily diuretic just to counter-act fluid retention. No abusing pills.


I also took pictures of myself in those hideous leggings. Not very good at the whole "before" and "after" thing so we'll see if there's noticeable results.

Buuuuut because I hate myself (preaching to the choir?) I'm not ready to show you... so here's my lower legs and feet!


Flushed said...

I totally want to do this. I NEED IT!! Only, I will start on Monday, March 1st and go the entire month of March.

March Madness & all that hullabaloo.

You totally inspire me!

(btw, your boots are way cute!!)


Candice said...

Yes, Flushed, those boots ARE way cute.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all hunt her down and steal her boots :p

Love the plan.

Ana's Girl said...

I'd love to join your liquid fast. Let's do this!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone from New Zealand on here?

Jem said...

liquid fast started this morning :) keep us updated!

Cinderella said...

I owe you the mother of all comments and thank yous! To qualify, this very eve last week I was in the process of pressing my self-destruct button (and, believe me, when I do that, I do it in style!) So, as a consequence of last Thursday night's antics, I proceeded to spend my entire weekend considering all possible ways to put myself out of my misery (the more painful the better because it's the least I deserved) rather than spend another moment tormented with the resultant self-loathing. So, you may wonder what redeemed me? The answer, of course, is you! I'd resolved that the only thing that would help me regain some control was to catch up on all everyone's blogs and, then, I fortuitously stumbled upon yours. So here's where the thank you came in because, after spending the rest of the week catching up on all your old posts, I gradually began to find myself again...after my serious derailment, you got me back on track! So, excuse my rambling and probably incoherent comment, but I just felt that I had to tell you. Anyway, I hope that you're doing good and staying strong, C x.
P.S. I completely agree, juice/liquid fasts are definitely the way to go. I do them every few weeks and they really work xxx.

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