Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taste and Toilet

UGH. This has been a horrible weekend.

It all started with getting drunk. Doesn't it always?

Long story short, I got sick in my bathroom while still super drunk and knocked my little toilet freshener thingy into the bowl.... AND proceeded to forget about this until the next morning.

Wake up with a hoooorible hangover and realize I have completely blocked up my toilet. Oops. So because I live in the wonders of Graduate Student Housing, no one particularly cares and is of the mindset that "Well, someone will fix it on Monday..." FUCK YOU that's 3 days from now! I'll have the plague by then from the airborne bacteria (not really, but I kept the door closed just in case).

So stupid me has to call a plumber--not even thinking to do price comparisons--and this stereotypical filthy guy comes to fix it and puts the plunger in my shower after he's done with it. Needless to say there was much bleaching to be done and even so I didn't trust the shower for 2 days.

I'm not really sure what the moral of the story is here. Since I had basically alcohol-flushed my system, I was like "Well, I feel super dead.... AND kind of thin!" Out comes the scale. What do you know, but I've lost a ridiculous amount of weight! I can't say how much for sure because I have been avoiding the scale.

This was the only dim light shining on an otherwise horrible horrible weekend. When I get hungover, I turn into a mopey sicky sick needy person. And I feel said-sickness for at least a whole day. Then I hate the world for allowing me to drink in the first place. It's someone else's problem, definitely.


A weird thing about being here in the UK is that my taste has completely changed. It's kind of sad but good. My mother sent me red vines in the mail and at first they tasted SUPER spiced and herbal-y.... eventually I ate enough of the 1lb pack that I got the old taste again but still.

Then yesterday, I got strawberry Hagen-Daz and it seriously tasted like cheese. My mouth couldn't even manage to eat 1/4 of the pint. My comfort food is ruined.

So if you want to completely betray your senses, go into a foreign country for a few months. That ought to do it.


SophiaRuins said...

I want to travel to foreign countries so bad! You're lucky. I've noticed a lot of my binging problems start with either fights, or alcohol. Those are the two things I should start avoiding haha.

Stay strong!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

K said...

i noticed that when i lived in europe, i couldn't get a handle on their food. i lost some extreme weight bc i missed the stuff from home. looks like you passed that point, but maybe when you come back you'll feel that way?

Ana's Girl said...

Haha. I always hate the world for letting me drink too, and i say i never want to drink again... Then next opportunity rolls around...
I'm sorry you had such a crappy weekend. :( But perhaps that's the start of an awesome week? We can always hope, right?

battleinmind said...

Hey! I hate hangovers. And being sick drunk is the WORST thing. Damn alcohol. But good about the weight loss.

Sorry you had such a rubbish weekend :(

Love Battle xx

large Shower Tray said...

This is what happens when you get drunk... It could have been worse...

Anonymous said...

I love strawberry haagen daaz too :P

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