Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Proclamation

I declare that today shall forever be known as

Savory Day

A moment for fasting and reflection

Give your heart to starvation.


Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

Oh, how I long to do so...!

I texted a friend this morning these words: "I am so sick of being addicted to eating."

I am.

Any normal/sane person might just say, "Then ...stop."


I wish it were so easy.

I wish...dare I say it? Could it come true? I wish...I were addicted to starving.


Anise said...

oh my god i have been doing that already...the fasting part, i mean. AWESOME. i am glad we are together on this.

xx x

Cally C. said...


Kelly said...

oh geez - I missed it - can I carry the celebration on to today? I have my green tea at the ready...

Grey Manhatten said...

Hear, hear!! I'll be celebrating today... 2 days late. Oh well. Starving is something I'm keenly celebrating all days of the week :)


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