Sunday, April 4, 2010


My life is infested with ants.
This is not a metaphor whatsoever I am sad to say.

It's a sign. I'm sure of it. Nature is saying to me, "Savory, if you bring even one bakewell tart in here, we will make your life miserable. Ants will crawl all over you in bed to remind you of your earthly sins."

I missed a party to clean out drawers and squish bugs.


So here's some requests I have for people who are interested in contributing to a website.
- Photography or graphics
- Short fiction or prose (your choice... just nothing overwhelmingly gushy you'd find on
- Articles (these can be on a wide range of subjects as long as it's intelligent, makes some sort of argument/position and relates to something like mental health, popular culture, gender, medicine/science, consumerism, or related etc)

It would be great to have a section similar to the Post Secret type thing, where people can anonymously submit short worries/fears/secrets/desires/concerns to share. Anyone who has ideas for setting that up, let me know.

I'd also like some kind of "Dear Abby" feature.

Anyone with ideas other than what I've listed definitely contact me as I have a limited imagination :) I've found a good company to do the hosting so I just need to research into buying a domain name.... and find the money to invest in it!



what if summer... said...

I. Fucking. HATE. ANTS!!!


Good luck on your website. I'd like to contribute, but alas I wouldn't want to be a giant phony.


Weasel Bee said...

eww ants. at least they arent the giant scary massive kind, right? those ones freak me out harrrdcore.

i write a lot of short stories and fictional stuff. i would love to help you out on your website! most of my stuff is really twisted though, but from what it sounds, that isnt really a bad thing though? :) i would love love love to submit stuff. good luck!

Bella said... is hilarious. let's promise not to be that bad.

seems to me you'd make a great domain hostess, but i suppose that isn't the one you mean.

l.o.v.e (listening to ashley simpson, kindly shoot me in the head)

Ancora said...

Blehhh I have ants in my house too. Where did they all come from? I'm just happily sitting here and then something crawls up my leg AHH ANT.

Anyway, I'm going to send you an email now I think but probably just with some nice pictures from ze internet because I'm too self conscious to ever write anything because I just want to destroy it:)

Anyway I love the idea of the website. I hope it comes to fruition.

Masquerade said...

Happily I live on the second floor but I've had my share of ants in the past! You do have to be super careful about your trash and cleaning up after yourself. Also, little ant killer homes are great. They're just little round white things and you stick them around in drawers and whatever. Relatively inexpensive and no mess to clean up.

I love photography so if you wanted I can start taking some lovely pictures of my area. What sort of photos were you looking for?

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is my first comment here I think. I've been following your blog and I love it, but I'm always shy to comment..

Your site sounds almost exactly like one I've been dreaming of making but doubt I'll get around to doing. I'd definitely like to contribute articles or help out with an advice section. My main interests are food systems, nutrition, intersectionality, environmental issues, popular culture, and the sex-positive movement, especially sex-positive feminism. And unfortunately I am not at all unfamiliar with EDs. If there's a place for vegan recipes or anything related to vegan living, I'd take that on too.

I'm really excited for the site. Can't wait to see it take off! :D

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