Thursday, April 1, 2010

A "zine"

Here is how the website is evolving and taking shape in my mind.

The way I'm imagining it being successful is sort of a web magazine. I'll be the "editor" but the site will rely on outside contributions, creating a multi-vocal experience. I say magazine because the content will change, but at an orderly interval (once or twice? a month? With interactive aspects/forum/etc to keep the visitors returning).

Ideally, I'd like to have a photography, poetry, fiction, and personal account as the main sections. It would be lovely to have an advice column as well, with 2-4 consistent individuals responding to written in questions (about life not tips or tricks).

The content doesn't need to be ED focused, but rather this will be a place where disordered individuals feel they can lower their normally heightened defense, be his or herself, in a supportive non-judgmental environment.

Because I'd like to make sure this is feasible before I invest in domain purchases and web hosting, if anyone has content they'd like to contribute or an idea for something, please send it over to me so I can begin to compile the foundation. Of course, your personal blog will be linked and your online persona appropriately credited.

I would really like to see this work out, so please spread the word and let people to get in touch with me:

All my love!


battleinmind said...

That's such a good idea, go for it!

Ophelia said...

I'm so happy you're doing this, I really think it will be something great. We are 'eating disordered, but we are more than that'.
I will of course pen something, bare with me. Any guides for what you want or is it literally what we feel we need/want to write?

Masquerade said...

I would LOVE to take part in this if you'd let me. The whole writing in with questions really grabs me; I'd love to be able to respond to people in that manner. I don't mind writing articles too if you'd like. :D

-d* said...

Stumbled across your blog but liking what I'm reading so far. In the words of Nike, just do it!

Piglet said...

This sounds great. I'd LOVE to be a part if it somehow....

Anonymous said...

I officially adore you after that comment.
And regarding the blog.. maybe? It seemed
that art used to poor out of me but lately
I've just kind of "lost it". But maybe this would
kick me into high gear? Regardless, I'd like
to read it. :)

Grey Manhatten said...

I love this idea :) it's so much more than the regular old ED blog. There really are some very brilliant girls that would be willing to help. Great job!!



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