Saturday, April 17, 2010

What time is it? Berlin Time!

I went to Poland for what was supposed to be a lovely holiday last week.

Then there was the plane crash. That was sad but it was interesting to see the country's reaction.

NOW Iceland decides to blow up the day I'm supposed to come back home. So now I'm stuck in Europe until next Wednesday when I can get a BUS back to England from Berlin.

Berlin for 5 days! I think I'm getting sick. Stress and all the indoor smoking in Poland I think. I have no appetite.

Thank God for small favors.

If any of my readers are Berliners and would like to meet up for a Tasse Kaffee I would love that. Send me an email ( Love for at least some happiness to come out of this mess.

Any advice on awesome Berlin things are appreciated as well :)

Time to go practice my German.



Kelly said...

stinks to be stuck somewhere, hope you find a friend or someone out there to pass the time with.

Anonymous said...

Jealous! I love Berlin. It's too bad they don't have $25 day trips or I would hop on over there and have a Tasse Kaffe with you. (What is that? Coffee? Espresso beer?)
If you feel like spending a day there, I would recommend going to the Jewish Museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind. It's huge and heart-wrenching and beautiful. Definitely a very different kind of museum.

throughraindrops said...

some flights in scotland going west are going again so maybe you might be able to get a plane sooner than you think

Oiseau said...

Ah! I'm not of course, but I wish. At least you're having an adventure :)

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