Thursday, December 24, 2009

I don't have a title today.

Well between the British system and the American, I'm covered on my meds. Hooray! This means you all won't have to hear the rants anymore.


I have been playing Dragon Age at my friend's house for the past few days. It's completely intense. But it led to yet another awkward conversation this morning with Paula Deen (this is after she tried to talk me into seeing some nurse practitioner who does "great pap smears..." UH overshare.).

PD: "Is Dragon Age the really bloody one?"
Me: "Oh my gosh yes. It's crazy."
PD: "I know you have had a problem with cutting in the past. Does the game make you have urges to do it? Or does it replace the urge?"
Me: ".... Jesus Mom it has nothing to do with that..."
PD: "Oh well I was just wondering because of the violence. It doesn't hurt to ask, that's how I know!"

Ugh. I appreciate her trying to understand me or whatever, but it's like more awkward than if she talked about sex positions or something. At least I wouldn't feel like a freakshow. I shouldn't complain though, I sometimes forget that she knows some things about me I would rather forget myself and usually she doesn't say anything. That I really appreciate.


Be safe during the next few days, we'll all make it! After January 6th when I'm back in England, I can leave all this food behind me... I seriously am not liking the abundance of food. Break please?

Paula Deen is calling me to dinner. What irony.


Ana's Girl said...

The holidays are the very worst time for trying to be skinny.. I hate all that damn food. Stay strong, dearie.

Kaye said...

I hate the holidays too...
but I love your blog ;)

look at mine if you get a chance? I would appreciate it so much :D

stay strong


Bella said...

Dragon Age/Cutting.
I don't see it! I suppose there COULD be a connection, but you'd have to be consciously looking for a way of bringing awkwardness into the conversation.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays, and don't look forward to the back to's (school/work/college/uni) too much, because then you'll be wishing it was holidays again...

Well, maybe you wouldn't be, but I do. And that just means that I'm wasting my life. I hate wasting.

And for that reason, many people do not sleep!

Where is this comment going, I wonder? Well, I guess I've got to keep wondering, because I've no idea.

Sorry for loading all of this on you, but hey, comments are comments, and this one was written while you were on my brain.

How funny! I don't even know you, and you don't even know me, and I'm on the verge of spilling all of my deepest darkest secrets. I suppose blogging does that to you (me).

No! I'm going to stop now,

Goodbye! Good luck, don't do anything you don't want to!

Au revoir,

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