Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Quiet?

No news to report.

Unless you want to count the fact that I've pretty much bruised my throat from the inside because I was desperate for a purge (which you should all know I'm terrible at, and like most of you, I loathe being terrible at things) in a public restroom and knowingly stupidly shoved a spoon down my insides.

Purge may or may not have been useful as I was later forced to eat a cheese quesadilla, which was far worse than the vegetable soup... but I "accidentally" left my smoothie on the sidewalk so that was "wasted."

I guess it might also be noteworthy to mention I found my old allergy reports when I was going through my medical records to apply for long term private health insurance (ah!), and I am allergic to a SHIT TON OF FOOD. Bananas, eggs, strawberries, almonds, shrimp, wheat, soy beans, other mundane things that I can't remember... anyway, this gives me a great excuse to go back to Vegan (because I'm lactose intolerant as well) without everyone getting on my case, and I've gone without cheese and yogurt and bread for so long and not missed it that it might not be hard this time.


Food is the enemy, trying to rip us apart from the inside out. Resist it. We will fight food in the market place, in the streets, and in the cities.

We will fight food until the struggle against food is won.

P.S. It's 5:30AM here and I still haven't gone to sleep. I think it's because I found my Hoodia again (!!!) and popped some at about 10:00PM. oops. Worth it though.


G. Samsa said...

Vive la Revolution! I dream of a future in which there are no vending machines, no fast food restaurants, and no pre-packaged food! In which all food must be prepared or raw, because then you either have to exert effort to eat it, or it won't have very many calories!

Bummer about the egg allergy, though -- egg whites are my primary source of protein, and wonderfully low-cal.

nadja said...

i worry about you, hun. hugs and love.

Ophelia said...

Food is the enemy...
I love fighting it with you.
If I ruled the world I would ban all junk food... in fact all food other than vegetables and fruit...mmmm...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while and haven't commented in absolutely ages, but I'm back on top of things now!
When are you coming to London? Have you got your accomodation sorted etc? Are you coming here to study? So many questions, I forget. I hope you're excited, and of course if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

p.s. reference your twitter - The bell jar and wasted are two of my favourite books of all time!! What a combo.

Keep fighting the food! x x x

Flushed said...

That sure is a LONG list of allergies! I kind of wish that I have to though so I'll have motivation to NOT EAT a lot of it! Well, almonds at least; they are so delicious and so high in calories. They are the Lay's Potato Chips of Mother Earth. "Betcha can't eat just one"

EvaPuedeVolar said...

I wish I had a long list of allergies. A long list of excuses not to eat. I'm not allergic to anything.

Food is the enemy. God. It's kicking my ass this summer. I need serious reinforcements.

<3 Lurve you!

Maggie said...

I wish i was allergic to more foods - its a great excuse. food is indeed the enemy ~~ it has defeated me the fast few weeks but i'm back now

magicienne said...

Ugh, you're just like me in the sense that I couldn't sleep until 5 AM the other night, either. I am a caffeine addict, at times. I drink low-strength caffeinated green tea and end up staying up far too late nearly every single night and waking up at ridiculously early hours. :|

If you ever get bored, perhaps we could talk sometime while we engage in insomniac duties.

Yum said...

Allergies are convenient, aren't they? I'm allergic to wheat, so I get to say no to almost every kind of junk food.

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