Sunday, July 19, 2009

Virtual Reality

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time at my friend's house. Her mother has gotten quite possessive over the rescued kitten. I, however, am not afraid to become a psychotic bitch and stop eating in order to acquire said kitten. So I guess I'll have to keep visiting and throwing fits until I get my way.


Friend recently purchased the Sims 3 which I am too poor and have a lack of attention span to buy. We made my little avatar. I'll try and get a screen shot as I think it looks quite like me. I made her as thin as possible.

It upsets me that she can't get any thinner, and if she doesn't eat, she dies. This game takes things too literally.

Gave myself 5 characteristics that would be the driving force behind my Sim:


This combination would give my Sim the following Life Goal . . . "Perfect Mind, Perfect Body"


She's extremely fussy, definitely has some sort of OCD about things, and is always working out and making salads. Savory the Sim also enjoys playing Chess, but right now I'd like to get her fitness up to par, so her logic skills can wait.


This is why I can *never* have children.


Flushed said...

Haha, this is kinda funny. This Sim thing. I almost want to buy to build my own crazy little virtual character. So I can drive the avatar into the ground with a self destructive ED perfectionist wanting self. Oh wait--maybe it's good thing there's no virtual me.

Anonymous said...

Haha I made my sim kinda big so I can see how difficult it is to make them lose weight. It amuses me how ED spills over into the virtual world for us. Oh and by the way I always enjoy reading your new posts.


Pasco said...

I used to play the Sims when I was a little tacker, and I'd always have such grand plans but get completely bored with it and quit after about an hour. No bloody resolve!

Libertine said...

Gah, I get so sucked into sims.
I'm definitely buying Sims 3 this summer (depending on funds though)

I play for hours not realising how much time as passed.
I'm a loser like that :p

I always make them how I wish I was, skinny, pretty, hair colour, perfect house, boyfriend etc etc.
That way, I can at least have a few hours of virtual happiness.
Sad how we (I say we, really I mean 'I') compare ourselves to computer games.

belle svelte said...

"this game takes things too literally"

i'm still giggling.

Tree said...

if you need the cheat code to have a load of money in game lemme know! ^.^

Ana said...

Aahh im such a sims sucker too. got the sims 2 but i do plan buying the 3rd one. its like werid because i feel too old for a computer game haa. but i understand you, my ed is relected in everything i do. which is bound to happen i suppose.

G. Samsa said...

I'd love to play Sims, but I can't let myself -- I'd just turn it into another perfectionist chore. My house would have to look just so, I'd have to max out all my skills, I'd feel obligated to continue advancing in the game... Just like real life, you know?

I do love my Wii toon, though. She's so much skinnier than the other two toons on our Wii -- it's incredibly gratifying.

R Harlow B said...

i used to play the sims all the time. then my computer died and now i have an old beast thats slow as. that is funny (in a lightly morbid way) about your avatar.

Anonymous said...

Now I really want The Sims 3.

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