Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't Forsake me Yet

I FINALLY have internet connection and access to my own computer again. It was too risky any other way.

--- And I have *some* tales to tell---

But I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least attempt to get caught up on my reader's blogs first! So a quick list:

1) Saw 113.2 on the scale today.
2) But, I'm still huge.
3) Moved out of my old apartment, TR into a new one in the city, and me back home with Paula Deen for the next 3 months before I begin my London adventure.
4) Moving totally fucked me up, and I have pictures to prove it, but I've somehow managed to get some little upper arm muscles (in between real muscles and those scary muscles old people have that you're like "PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON")... so I need to start doing barbells instead of freeweights


My last thing I'm leaving you with is a technical tip, but I don't think I'm triggering anyone because if you're already seeing a psychiatrist or have access to meds than you are already down a path... Wellbutrin+Topamax+Prozac. MIRACLE. I haven't binged ONCE, and I don't even have to count calories except I do because it makes me feel safe. I've tried each one individually and they've been kind of helpful, but like combined, it's almost scary how well it works. It could probably work in a good way for anyone who wants to recover as I was able to eat a few normal days without thinking I was a failure or order extra food to punish myself.

Anyway, I felt guilty keeping these little pills to myself. Prozac is FDA approved to treat bulimia and binge eating, and scientists are developing a weight loss drug that's basically a combination of Wellbutrin+Topamax, so I think my cocktail makes sense.


Better post later, can't wait to get caught up!!

All my love.


G. Samsa said...

113.2!!! That is AWESOME! Congratulations!

throughraindrops said...

113.2 aceness!
yu living in london for a while ? would be interesting to know if you find british people as amusing as i found american people when i was in america lol


Silver said...

I'm loving Prozac at the mo. Only been on it 8 days but definitely reduction in binges!
welcome back! xxx

belle svelte said...

i've missed you too. kept checking for updates!!!

anyway, you'll be in london too...yay! and congrats on 113.2. congrats. that's amazing!!

Anonymous said...

113.2 is amazing!!! thanks for the helpful comment. myfitnesscoach is great because you just tell it your goals and how long you want to workout and it makes you a workout and you can tell it if it's too hard, too easy, or just right. i'm still working for normal but the community keeps me sane -as sane as we can be.


Tree said...

welcome back ^.^

Kate said...

Yay! You are back. I can laugh again.
Congrats on the 113. You're a rock star.

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