Saturday, May 23, 2009

Low Calorie Tapas

Some google searches that have lead people to my blog:

*"I had swine flu"
*"Pigged out my fat"
*"Word for sick from fried food"
*"Laxative short term fit dress"
*"Irrational anger in boyfriends"
*"While I am going step forward ... sick"
*"Loan pictures for posting"

*"Sick of everything blog"
I especially find that one fitting.

*"What kind of site is Savory Sick?"
I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this... my imagination ran wild with what kind of person might be googling this. It involved kitten sweaters, soccer games, and a quiet midwestern town. Or it could be something completely different. I should just stick to concrete things instead of letting my mind wander.


A lot of people find my blog searching for "low calorie tapas" ... this my friends, I can help you with.

I've found the following exhaustive list of tapas with ingredients and recipes for each. So you know what you're ordering and what the fuck is in it!

Now, when I go out for tapas, I find that most of the food... like all "bar" food, is usually fried and greasy. But never fear! The wonderful thing about Spanish Tapas is you share the little plates, and no one really pays much attention to how little or how much you are consuming.

But generally, you want to stay away from the aioli, anything fried, and things that look creamy. Things that are sauteed are ok because they're using olive oil. Don't be afraid of olive oil! It's good for you.

And munch on olives if you feel you need to be eating more or there's nothing for you to eat. The olives are super healthy and are usually marinated in vinegar (which suppresses the appetite and is GOOD FOR YOU!). If you look around, there's usually fish options that are safe as well.

My safe bet is usually olives, gazpacho, and if I want to splurge I'll go for patatas bravas (because sauteed potatoes and tomatoes are better than fried balls of who knows what).

But look through the list and be glad that you're prepared for any tapas bar your friends can throw at you.

Don't forget about alcohol. Calorie wise... Liquer > Wine > Beer > Cider > Cocktails.


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