Friday, May 29, 2009

ED Team

So I was having a mini-anxiety attack today during work because I've missed my second psych appointment in 3 days (today's was supposed to be the rescheduled appointment after I missed my first one!). I really need to get better anxiety meds AND my Ambien is running out...

Decided to try drop in counseling to see about getting more meds (with some hesitance, as last year I did a drop in appointment and it landed me in the hospital... ugh). /Somehow because I felt like crawling up the wall or jumping out a window, I ended up spilling everything about my eating, or lack of, and the counselor wanted to refer me to the "ED Team."

A little creeped out that they refer to themselves that way, honestly. I told her I have no interest in eating more food. I just want to keep losing weight (fast) and keep everything the same, minus the binging and the depression.

Somehow she talked me into seeing a nurse practitioner to "talk" on Monday. But I really don't think I can/want be talked out of my ED. I'm too fat to recover.


Does anyone know how to do the invisible/white text trick? I want to start doing this when I list food items, so people can choose to highlight it or skip over it if lists of foods are triggering...

Intake for today: 100cals.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the 'Team'! i wonder how that works... and for white words couldnt you just change the font color to the same color as you're background for the bits that people can highlight. Thats actually a very considerate idea, maybe we should all do it. do you find others' food lists a trigger?

SkinnyBitch said...

Oh gosh, that "team" sounds awful.

I like the invisible font idea. On some days food is triggering to me...some days it isn't, but I'd like to be able to choose when I see it XD

nadja said...

just highlight the text you want to be invisible, press the little T with the colors next to it, and choose white!

how was your weekend? <3

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