Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok. So I'm dumb. And totally regret my anti-sunblock rant because now I'm sunburned.

This is not my fault. Well it is, but it's never my fault. How was I supposed to know that ANYONE could burn when it was 74 degrees out?!

Thankfully it's just my shoulders and part of my back/neck. I took a picture to show you all, but my arms looked too fat so sorry you can't see my "wife beater" burn. haha.


Got super anxious yesterday about the tapas so I had BF call my friend to tell him I was having anxiety from my medication. So I didn't go, which makes me happy because I like to eat by myself unless it's something like lunch today where I packed 50cals worth of grapes and 20cals of strawberries so I could feel ok about eating in public.

I *think* I'm out of the 120s again, yay! This means ABC has already kicked the graduation fat out the door. Unfortunately, I stopped by Whole Foods to get more grapes and something led me to the granola isle. Damn it, they had my FAVORITE kind. It's the kind you have to scoop out of the little bin because it's local... Vanilla Cherry with dried cherries. It's white and pink.

Damn. So I ate a bit of that. But I was holding on to my remaining 200 calories today like my life depended on it, so I think I'm ok. And I haven't even been able to get to 500 because it just seems like a HUGE number right now. Isn't it strange how calories can do that? Sometimes 80 seems like nothing and sometimes it seems like a great reward. 500 right now seems like too much... I guess if I keep up this mindset, ABC shouldn't be a problem.


I took passport photos today to send to the school I'm going to go to next year for my masters. Funny actually, I walked into the copy place right after work (so I was wearing the wife beater, no make up, and my hair was pulled into a ponytail and headband) and asked the guy how late they were open. Then I showered and did my hair and put on slightly too much make up, as I'm convinced that you have to cake it on otherwise my pictures come out with me looking awful, and went back.

Me: "Can I get my passport photos taken, please?"
Guy at Register: "Sure. Over here.... erm, were you here a few hours ago?"
(it's only actually been like an hour but whatevs)
Me: "Oh yeah. I had just gotten off work."
Guy: "Wow! You look so... different!!"
Me: "Uhhhh right."

OK, douche bag, put your tongue back in your mouth. A) I had just done 4 hours of manual labor and was damn proud of myself B) I'm wearing whore make up so I look normal in my picture C) Even if I DO have low self-esteem, I am out of your league.

I have to admit though, I keep looking at the crappy Polaroid pictures because I look fucking thin! It's obviously a lie or a gimmick but I have such a sharp chin and prominent cheekbones in them. I even asked if I could keep the ones with my eyes closed because they're magical or something. Hmm... if in fact, I do actually look like this, I do not know what everyone is fucking talking about because I will take this over my chubby old round face any day.

Seriously, get these pictures away from me. And someone hand me some aloe!


belle svelte said...

okay, so clearly you are doing great. I just pulled a...you! read your old new posts before reading this one.

oh hey look, I am also the first to post. coooool. sweeeet. anyway.

i have to take my passport photos too...but walgreens has such bad lighting! har har har. i think i might try and crop some facebook photos where I actually look good. although...i'll probably be stopped at security becasue I look NOTHING like what i look on paper. har har har.

anyway. whole foods is inherently evil. i know what aisle you are talking about because that same aisle is home to my favorite kind of peanut butter: the choco chip kind.

ugh. anyway. not going to TJs or that place for awhile.

be careful it's getting sunnier! i am getting ridiculously tanned too...


Pasco said...

I've noticed the same thing in recent photos of myself. I've always been very chipmunk faced and for the first time in my life I'm actually getting a jaw line and cheekbones. It's the one place where I can really truly notice that I'm actually looking better. I love it, I never want to go back!!

PrettyWreck said...

You can get a sunburn in the winter, too. It's fantastic. Good luck with that though XD

I...knock on wood...rarely get sunburns. I've had one on my nose once? People don't believe me, because I look very pale, but we have a heavy amount of middle eastern and native american in my family. I work overnights so I look every inch the Russian/German/Irish part of my family, but when I actually DO get to be in the sunlight...?
I tan. Quickly, and very dark. not like my sister. She gets adorable freckles. I always wished I could have freckles.

The polaroids sound awesome. We have an old 70's camera here in our office. I should take a picture and see how it looks o.o!

Tri Thin said...

I find it strange that people say 'your face is so thin' in an insulting manner, I'm thrilled my face is getting thinner and I understand why you would be too!

I'm OCD about sunblock - but somehow I burnt my knees at the beach over the weekend - ridiculous, oh & it was 72 and cloudy ;)

Africana said...

I just took passport photos to get ready for our honeymoon. My face definitely looks much thinner then it did at the beginning of the year (and 30lbs ago). I can't wait to see what it looks like when I'm actually thin!

Oh, and sunburn sucks. When I was a kid I lived outside and people used to think that black people don't burn. Well, those of us with lighter skin tones definitely do! I would burn and then freckle up. The burns left but the freckles all stayed. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

ah you so bony, ah ah you so bony, ah you so bony,


finding a photo where you can actually see what everyone else keeps talking about is one of the best feelings in the world! xx

SophiaRuins said...

i love that last line.
and im pale as all hell so i sunburn easily too.
hilarious post though, especially the part about the guy at the register haha

stay thin hun!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Sarah. said...

Great post today,
I know what you mean about the burning.. I swear it could be raining and if i stay outside all day ill come home bright as a tomato haha. Yeah, im extremely pale.
Funny about the guy at the register..
Yay, skinny photos :)

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