Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am SO tired. This medication is taking a toll on me. I'm either wired or a zombie :)


Sorry I haven't been around to blog and comment. I haven't had much time to myself. But hello to my new readers! Thank you for following me!!

Went to Costco yesterday with Paula Deen and bought like $100 worth of produce. I have cucumbers, baby cucumbers, broccoli, grapefruit, and baby watermelons. I washed and froze a bunch of grapes and strawberries, so I'm pretty much set.

Peeked at the scale, and I'm def. up... but I'm positive it's just like what happened when I had binged a few weeks ago and I ballooned. As soon as I start starving again, the weight will just melt off. I like to look at this positively and think, "If I can gain weight quickly, I can lose weight quickly." I think I've said this before! But I have to keep it in my mind so I don't get upset. Everyone wants to eat all the time, it's gross.


Friday morning we had brunch with Paula Deen, BF, and his parents. I went to the bathroom to curl my eyelashes and apparently BF's mom started grilling my mom about my weight. She was very concerned about me. God. I'm secretly kind of sad that Monday when BF's brother flies up, I'll probably be all bloated and won't have maintained my underweight figure... his girlfriend is a total fatass and I dislike her. She's doing "weight watchers" but every time I see her, she's eating the worst possible things. So I kind of wanted to rub it in his face.

I'll post graduation pictures later maybe... most of them are in my ugly ass cap and gown which makes me look like a puffy Hogwarts wizard, so I'll see if there are any of me in my dress.


Tomorrow BF is graduating. My freshman year, I told Paula Deen that when I graduated, I wanted to eat at this ridiculously fancy restaurant. I'm not unhappy that we're going, but I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel like my ED is going to kick in and I'll freak out about having to eat like 4 courses and start pushing my food around or something... definitely I won't ever be able to eat here again, so I wish I had been able to go here when I actually knew I was going to be able to relax and just enjoy it. I had to keep phoning in for 20 minutes straight before I could get through to get us a table a month ago, like it was a radio station and I was trying to get free concert tickets. Bleh. If only I could have been starving this whole week and then saved all my calories for Monday. I don't know, I might just snap and go into binge mode and eat my food, Paula Deen's, and BF's hahaha.


Alright dear readers, I have some time before we have to go into the city for shopping so I am going to try to furiously read and comment. All my love to everyone!! Think thin and reject advances from fatty food like it's an ugly guy :)


throughraindrops said...

frozen grapes :)
tottaly save me when i want ice cream

Bailey said...

haha thats a good saying. plus if you accept the advances from the ugly fatty foods all you will get are ugly fat guys :P

belle svelte said...

sigh fun it is to pester them. weight is quite possibly the best way to "prove" something. I swear, no car or diamond can come close to exacting revenge like a few pounds lost.

i know how you feel, and let me tell you, when people were asking my mum how I maintain weight at home (apparently, I should have gained since my mom is a superbly good cook)...she replies: "that girl is either fasting or running or both".

so that undid my entire evening of "OHHH...i LOVE paula deen! and her desserts! ohhh...i have been yelping ALL of these restaurants and GOOD!".

SIGH. yea, i know how you feel sister but you are doing good. i say go to this restaurant...heck, you should have gone for french laundry (small servings of food for large servings of cash!). it's one evening, and you won't gain weight. maybe the lbs will rise, but you'll still fit into your jeans and you can spend the rest of the week burning off all those calories~

good luck!!

Tri Thin said...

hehe - reject advances from fatty food like an ugly guy! - I love that, hope the mental image will help me.

Pasco said...

Paula Deen?

Thanks for your comment lovely. I should really be grateful I've managed to get myself into this place, because when I'm back on the binge-train I'll miss it like crazy. And I know in truth I couldn't eat normally even if I tried. I'll just end up purging, which is worse for my body than this is anyway. So... time will tell I guess

Go to the restaurant. Enjoy. Eat well! Demonstrating good taste is part of having a thin mindset :)

Ana said...

lol - excellent closing line ^_^

Anonymous said...

I hope you were able to enjoy your fancy restaurant and have a night off. And I defs wanna see a puffy hogwarts you! Especially if the BFs mum thinks you look underweight - you have no excuse! xx

SkinnyBitch said...


for some reason you always inspire me so, so much.

Thanks for posting and helping others along.

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