Monday, May 25, 2009


I have to meet my friend's new fling tonight. Stupidly I told him last week that this tapas place was really good... so now I'm roped into going there. UGH. I'll just pretend to take nibbles of food. Thankfully since it's all shared, no one notices that you haven't eaten.

Hopefully I don't have to order a drink to fit in. If I do, I found out the calorie content of my favorite dessert wine (Moscato d'Asti - 140cals) and I'll just get that and sip.


Yesterday and today I am allowed 500cals (or less). Yesterday I had my grapes (50cals for 25 grapes) and a plate of raw broccoli w/ mustard (30-40cals). So 90cals total.

Today I had a little more than a cup of watermelon (40-50cals). I'll probably eat a cucumber (45cals) right before we go out so I'm not tempted by anything at the tapas bar, but it's good to know I have some wiggle room today... not that I'm planning to use it.

Ho hum. I'll post my weight loss every Sunday just because I want to post real weight loss, not just water loss or anything. But I'm already down and feel better so I'm quite pleased.


Last Friday I ended up ranting to my therapist about my blog and how much I prefer blogging to real socializing at times. She doesn't know what kind of blog it is, only that I communicate with a lot of individuals "who can relate." I've never told this therapist about my food issues.

She smiled and asked if she could see my blog sometime.

Uhhhhhh... no. Of course, I smiled back at her and said "Maybe someday." Fuck, it's anonymous for a reason. *rolls eyes*


Faz27 has started a Weight Loss Competition that looks fun. I am joining the Red Team. I encourage everyone else to check out the rules and join in!

All my love, and a special shout out to any guys that are reading! I have tried to stop using "girls" and "ladies" as I don't want to exclude anyone ;)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the encouragement sweetie, i hope the tapas goes as well as you've planned, the whole food sharing thing is a genius way to not get noticed as long as you can control yourself (which i cant!)

well done on two super low days in a row - make sure you've got something left to lose by the time the farah's competition starts huh! xx

Fatass said...

I'm joining the red team, too :)
I totally know what you mean about how blogging is more enjoyable than socializing sometimes. I feel anxious and like I can't relax or be myself around most people, but on my blog, I can say anything I want and really be myself, and if someone doesn't like it then they can fuck off and not read my blog! :]

Anonymous said...

Hello gorgeous.
I read back a few blogs to check up on you. You're always the first person I go to when I have the rare chance to log on. You seem to be doing well and I'm real glad. I sunburn real easy and was jealous to read that it has already started turning tan. Mine just dissapears into freckles. You're boyfriends mother failed at her gentle 'hey you've lost weight' statement. Always a real awkward time : )
Hope you envoy your summer months more than I will.
All my strength and love <3

SophiaRuins said...

congrats on the major low calorie intake!

you so deserve the 500 cals.

and GOOD LUCK with the tapas. let us know how it goes =D

stay thin!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

belle svelte said...

you are so funny!!

anyway. how are you?

tapas are great because if they are true to form, they should come in small, shareable portions.

with regards to the wine, enjoy it! i love dessert wine and would totally starve for a day just for a sip. the first sip is the best (and really, all you need!).

what are you up to for the summer ms. graduate? x

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