Monday, September 28, 2009

From Across the Pond

Starving doesn't count when you're so poor you can't afford food.

This is bullshit. My loans aren't coming in apparently for 2-3 weeks, apparently the English expect me to have brought a bunch of money (as if I just was getting loans for fun), food here is ridiculously over-priced (British people, you are all being swindled)... and I've already gone through my ₤160 that I scraped together to get here for stupid things like um transportation and adapters.

Bullshit. I can't even buy a scale so it doesn't matter if I lose weight on this pathetic "starving-in-the-slums-of-london" scheme I've got going on. Apparently Boots has a little scale, but I can't even force myself to think about getting on it, let alone going through with the whole ordeal.

Sigh. So I have 6 jars of babyfood, 10 granola bars (oh scratch that I only have 8 because I just ate 2 since my mouth was about to eat off my hand), 8 peaches, 3 bell peppers, and 2 cucumbers. I have stuff to make "squash" and I have juice for emergencies. In the past four days, I've probably eaten 1200 calories total, which is ordinarily amazing... except that yesterday I seriously walked the whole of Camden because I was too proud to ask for directions from Islington to UCL and was on my feet from 9AM to 6PM. Walking. And carrying my laptop in my rediculously pretty fossil satchel that made the financial support people believe I'm sure that I needed about as much money as someone on "The Hills."


TR is giving me all these stupid cheap food suggestions. They're all carbs and they're all binge foods. UGH. Whine whine whine. No seriously, I'm incredibly happy to be in London... despite getting lost and hungry. I'm still estatic.

Also everyone here is SO polite. People were tripping overthemselves to try and help me with my bags and wishing me luck. This is a good place to be. Aside from the things I don't like.

Cheers, <-- ugh, now I have to come up with something new since that's the catchphrase

P.S. Lulu, we are totally doing that. Plan on it.


Jem said...

yayyy youre in london!!! ill be there in 3 months. have an amazing amazing time and take a ton of pictures. i really hope your loans come in quickly. i dont know how you're gona make it. english food is so expensive. i would personally start stealing. good luck :)

*daisy* said...

hey! hope everything works out for you... in exactly the same situation with student loan being screwed up and absolutely no money until then. oh well, we can try work the whole skinny, strong and genteely poor thing

throughraindrops said...

pretty much everything in britain is more expensive

the yucky weather getting you yet?


Sha Sha said...

oh my god i love Boots! not sure if its your thing or not, but they have a pretty vast line of diet foods, prepared dishes and stuff with the calories all totalled up for you.

i hope you get your money situation sorted out soon. tooootally in the same boat right now with regards to my short term disability benefit.

sigh... i miss London. hope you start to love it soon! xo

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