Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Bits

25 Things you never needed to know about me (note how many are food related):


1. The kitchen in my apartment is smaller than my bathroom. But the bathroom is not much bigger. But I have two walk-in closets.

2. I had a panic attack while watching “The Notebook.” I played it off later as an asthma attack.

3. It doesn’t matter how gourmet the food is, I don’t mix savory and sweet. It’s disgusting.

4. I know it’s terrible, but I didn't put away my Christmas decorations until April. I’ll be one of those people…or next year, I just won’t put up any.

5. I have multiple clocks in every room and I can see 5 of them from my bed. Some of them aren’t even set to the same time.

6. When I was a kid, we adopted a pair of baby chicks from church (you know the kind they use for the Easter sermon as props and then conveniently need to home). I liked to keep mine in my Playskool dollhouse. We kept them until we found out that “Hennie” was a boy and started crowing. My older sister knew a couple who used eggs to feed the gay homeless so we would visit them a couple times over the next few months until we adjusted to the idea of their higher calling. And we got cats.

7. I always wanted to ride in an ambulance until I did. I don’t want to anymore, lol.

8. My mind is like a television and someone is sitting on the remote control. So I feel like I’m always… thinking. This gets annoying when I try to sleep, doing homework, during yoga, having a conversation, in the shower, while reading, and during the one massage I had (“try to clear your head…” “…Um that’s not going to happen…”).

9. I have 7 tattoos.

10. When I was very young, I got over the idea that dying and death was something to be afraid of. What still freaks me out is the concept of “eternity.”

11. I have a fear that I’m really mediocre at all the things I love to do and want to be.

12. Corollary to no.11: I’m anxious about a lot of things.

13. I can play a mean revolutionary war snare drum. I can handle my own at concert violin. I wouldn't brag about my skills on the banjo, however.

14. Unlike most people I know, I really don’t care much for Abraham Lincoln. Unlike most people I know, I hang out at his Shrine in my town.

15. I have no self-discipline and can’t keep up routines. I start them and stop them like pre-teens start and stop diaries or people think this year they’ll actually remember their New Year’s resolution.

16. I would give up a lot of comforts before I would give up even mundane foods (you can’t take away buttered rolls from me). Forget great sex versus gourmet food. I would choose tomato soup and cheddar cheese over almost anything.

17. Great side burns are the Victorian gift to women.

18. My good days and bad days can be ranked on a number of scales depending on the day: how thin I feel (this is now measured w/ Wii Fit), how much alone time I got in the apartment (never much), how much work I got done before I got fed up and started watching TV, how many mean people I ran into, how many songs I sang aloud and how many I felt I sang well (I’m very critical), how many curse words eloquently fit into my sentences during the day, how much teeth grinding I did… etc.

19. Sometimes I randomly want to write on someone’s wall from high school or middle school or preschool, not even to reconnect, just because. I usually never actually go through with it.

20. I never wear jewelry. Not because I don’t want to. Just because I’m super lazy. Or I lose it!

21. I over spice my food at home. Example. When I make top ramen, I put pepper and Tabasco and garlic in it.

22. Another cooking thing. My Southern mother has a gift for turning even healthy staples into killers. She rolls tofu in flour and garlic seasoning and fries it. It tastes amazing. Even my vegetarian friend liked it. She will serve this to you with deviled eggs and black bottom pie if you let her. Where are the vegetables? LOL We used to eat salt/peppered broccoli with mayonnaise dolloped on top. I didn’t know it came any other way until I came to college.

23. I have 2 rocking chairs in my apartment (purchased by me) and they are awesome despite what TR may think.

24. I want to see an autopsy.

25. I don’t like writing ebay feedback because I don’t feel clever or like I’m saying anything substantial, even though everyone else just writes, “super fast payment A+++++++++” on mine. WTF does that mean?? This isn’t school. Stupid. Nice trying to use up all your characters though… dumbass.


Your turn?

Goal: No suicidal thoughts


Sarah. said...

I loved this! You're so interesting :)

Anise said...

i love random lists and yours was EXCELLENT. here is a mini one:

1. if your #14 is where i think it is i went to college in your town.

2. i swear i'm not trying to stalk you, i just think that's really weird because it is a very small town.

3. i had a freshman year roommate from a college i went to in Boston (before i came out to said school in said town), whom i had since lost touch with, and i just found out a month ago that she did her whole master's program at SAME said school. which as i have said is very small. and which is really really weird.

4. everything in my life seems to fan out and separate, and then come back together in strange unexpected ways. see also: #3. perhaps you are also going to said school? that would be even weirder. AHHHH! i can't really handle it when everything converges like this! :D

Anonymous said...

Lool i totally identify with number christmas tree stayed in my living room until may xD

Take care

ruby said...

i'm scared of eternity too. sometimes when i'm on a long car ride, i have to rein in my thoughts because if i start thinking about the concept of eternity, i'll freak myself out and need to pull over to calm down.

Dancing in the Shadows said...

Wow. I can completely relate with number 8. Even when I try to clear my mind it just won't. While I am trying to relax and/or fall asleep, while I'm playing a game of tennis, while I'm showering, etc. ALWAYS thinking. I wonder what it must be like for people who don't think all the time. As much as I wish I could have a clear mind sometimes, I can't imagine being completely thoughtless at any given time...

Ana Nas said...

Fun I can't wait to start my list

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

#17? Oh god YES!!

That and being able to flash your ankles and yell "Victorian Porn!!" (I do that a lot to fuck with people)

I'll do a list after work tomorrow. Need something to keep me from chucking old coleslaw at the customers ^.^

I ditto your goal. God that would be an amazing thing!

Ana's Girl said...

Haha. Number 6 brings back memories of playing with my puppy and my bunnies in my Barbie doll house!

I'm quite jealous of your tattoos. What all do you have?

Numbers 11 and 12... ME TOO! Lol. Like to the extreme. I can relate to number 18 a lot too.

Lol. Are you sure your mother isn't REALLY Paula Dean. I mean, i know you admit they look alike and all, but dang, they ACT alike. I remember once reading somewhere that PD served a hamburger between two doughnuts...rather gross in my opinion but yeah..

You're really a very interesting person, despite what you may think.

Flushed said...

I love lists!

#11 and #12 would totally make my list too (y'know, like if I had a list)

Sairs said...

I totally agree with number 8 too. I have this constant running dialogue in my head and because I also see everything in pictures (including music), it can get very 'loud' in there. I simply cannot listen to music and read at the same time. The loudness of both clash and I can't think. It is SO much worse though when I'm manic.

My mind is never quiet and often I can be sitting still and staring into space, totally zoned out. I once had a dog that all day just chased butterflies. He would get so distracted by them, that he would follow them until he got completely lost and we would have to go find him. In a way I feel like him, chasing butterflies :-P

Anonymous said...

I left feedback for a couple people who bought books from me yesterday, and started thinking about the "fast payment" BS...Is there any other way? Because I wasn't aware that you didn't have to pay RIGHT THEN. lol

-H- said...

wow you have a good blog. and inspirational. just finished reading it from start
love the list.
i also want to see an autopsy. am i weird or something..?..
and nr 4 is tottally me. i cant just clean...hate cleaning

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