Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good News and Bad News

So According to An Email (why am I capitalizing everything)... from the embassy, my visa has been possessed and is being mailed to me. YAY! I'm not going to be stuck here. Loooooondon here I come! I know, it's a bit scary, isn't it? I promise I won't be an asshole American ;)

Bad News. The cold went against me and I gained weight. I'm not sure why this is. But now I'm sick and fat. Hmmm....

More later. I'm congested.


ruby said...

congrats on the visa! looks like jeebus has got your back!

you'll get rid of that cold weight in no time, i know it

keep up the stellar work, lovely!

G. Samsa said...

Heehee, "sick and fat" reminds me of Random Anorexics' "hungover and fat" comment from a few days ago. It's always "{insert horrible condition} AND fat" with us, isn't it? If I were dying of cancer, my complaints would undoubtedly be, "So now I'm dying and fat," or "Now all my hair is falling out from the chemo and I'm fat," or "I may be dying but at least I'll be thin."

(Of course, I in no way mean to trivialize the sufferings of those who actually have cancer.)

Gratz on getting your visa! I'd warn you of the horrors of British food, but you don't eat, so no worries.

(Of course, now I've probably offended British people and anglophiles everywhere. *sigh* I'm just going to shut up now.)

SBB said...

Congrats on getting your Visa!! That is scary!
Btw I totally went back and read some of your older posts & I freaking love your tattoos! So nice. Your bruises were insane though!!
Feel better hun!

Flushed said...

I am both envious and elated of/for you!!

3 cheers for London!!

Beautifully_Fragile said...

Have a good time in London! Lucky girl!

Minaralou said...

man,I reeeeally envy you... it has alwasy been my dream to go to UK since I was 12...now I'm 17 and still stuck in boring Germany-.-
Make the most of it I'll be there in 3 years as well as an au-pair :D:D
And I am sure you are not fat. It is the cold that makes you feel like :P
Maybe you should try and fight the fucking hunger for food *cause it is sooo cold* by eating a hell lot of carrots (I do) or other veggies :)

And don't forget gums;)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... bookcross your wasted to me!

thern we can write letters from across the channel and be super oldskool and it will be awesome.

Thoughts? x

lexy said...

You will love London:)!!
I hope it works out for you.

Lexy xx

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