Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mystery Food

This food looks disgusting. I can't believe I ordered it. What is wrong with Chinese restaurants in London? That aside, I don't want to eat this. But a problem exists. It seems so simple.

"No Savory! Listen to your stomach. Throw that God-awful food away, with its mystery sauce and gross gross mushrooms that look like little skulls (no really, they do... don't even have to try on this one)"

But then I realize, I throw it away and it doesn't matter. I'll still go find something else to stick in my face. Granted, it might be my rations for the next 2 days worth of dinner instead of attempting delivery (let alone garner the motivation to go get a take away)... Then I will have thrown away a fucking expensive, albeit disgusting, dinner AND still managed to spend more money on the replacement dinner.

There's no saving face here. It's eat this retched shit or think I'll be good, wait for a few hours and then eat a half-frozen pizza, having no choice tomorrow but buy more food. Obviously this "don't spend any money on food" plan was a failure.


My grand plans of not spending money in general have been a failure. You know what I bought yesterday? A laptop. What am I typing on right now? My perfectly good ONE YEAR OLD laptop while the new one sits in the package under my desk.

Shit. I have a problem.

Then I get so pissed when people are like "Oh oh shopaholics don't exist" and at the people who whine "Oh EM GEE! I have SUCH a shopping problem. Like I totally just bought so many outfits! My mom is going to freak!!!!!!! lawlzzzz wut shud i do!?"

Some people, aka me, actually buy stupid ridiculous things like 3 desserts, a laptop, 10 sweater jumpers, or getting impulsively pierced (yesterday I walked around until I found the first tattoo shop I saw and got my naval pierced... I want it out now). Hating the act and loving it at the same time.


Worst of all, I totally realized I didn't have enough cash to pay the stupid delivery guy (he was rude so I didn't care about him), so I just grabbed what I had and a bunch of change and was really relieved when he shoved it into his pocket and ran off to his douche-y little motorcycle.

I think I'm going to put the Chinese in the fridge. The mushrooms are seriously freaking me out.


what if summer... said...

omg lawlzzz

why the fuck did you get a now laptop?

you're either incredibly bored or going insane. piercings, desserts and a new computer... and a bazillion sweaters.

i am going to sit here and giggle to myself.

Anonymous said...

You're so you, I don't get you at times but I guess that's because it's you being you.

Stay you, you.

belle svelte said...

i am wasted. drunk texted my friend telling him his friend is super cute and that i want to rip off his shirt. okay, that last part I didnt add. but i just spent 25 pounds on dinner. i could have bought dinner for the next week for that. fuck.

throughraindrops said...

teehee cant believe you randomly bought a laptop and omg thos mushrooms are really weird

take it back spin a story your boyfriend told you get this certain laptop silly you picked up the wrong one could you possible return it *flutters eyelashes*

Rand115 said...

You know if you have two perfectly good laptops you could always donate one to a worthy cause. *Hinthint*Nudgenudge*Winkwink*

Jess said...

They do look like little skulls lol!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable :p

Mushrooms in general look freaking nasty..

And I think you should let your naval ring stay in for a bit :) You might start to like it! I got my monroe (facial piercing) on impulse-- hated it, and now I love it. :P

Good tip to make a 5 calorie meal (I do this all the time):

Water, ice, and 5 calorie drink mix things... super cheap! and fills you up :p

Anyway, stay lovely!

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