Friday, October 9, 2009

Waxing Philosophical

Sorry I've been absent. Things have been swirling around in my small brain and I can't multi-task apparently.

Read this. Specifically the Doc Hammer interview. It's not just because I would trade in my best friend for several hours of "me" time with him.... yes, I understand my ideals of dreamy are not the norm.

But something about how brilliant he is in an arrogant but truthful manner that shows you how transparent everything really is, and how fucking sad the state of things are. He always makes me want to try harder and be better. Which is pathetic, I understand.

I'm not ready to talk about that which I am tip-toeing around and being completely roundabout uh about. I still have lots of self-contemplation (hopefully on Museum Mile) to do, and a better physical tolerance to the car exhaust and cigarette smoke that permeates here.

Blah, it might also help to know I'm totally off my meds. hah. That probably erased any trace of legitimacy I might have previously had in the aforementioned paragraphs. But other than shitty withdrawals, I think I'm lucid so just trust me.

I hope you all are doing well. Go watch some cartoons. Good cartoons.

P.S. Read Shrinking Kitty's latest post. It's equally brilliant except it makes me hate Doc Hammer a little bit for being a man and painting women with lovely proportions... Ah, equilibrium.


Yum said...

No, I think Doc Hammer is hot, too, it's all good. (I have a weird thing for noses.)

Ancora said...

Wow! That blog is so brilliant!
Thank you so very much for showing it to me. It is truly truly wonderful.

Much love.

Kitty said...

i'm pleased you liked my thoughts - i have created nothing short of a total shit storm in my hotmail inbox but - meh! - it's just another case of the truth hurting.

oh and cheers for the linky-dink girlie - i'll be writing more confronting, inflammatory posts on the subject of fat v thin soon.


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