Saturday, October 24, 2009


Intake: 12 cigarettes, 2 cups of earl gray, 8oz squash mixed w/ 52oz water, 1 diet lime coke. 1 sparkly bleach-clean bathroom. 1 pair of ultra skinny jeans (size 8... can't convince myself to wear size 6), 1 fabulous black dress (size 6). 1 awesome introduction to Topshop with London jet setting gal pal.


I've noticed that a dedicated and very bored psychologist could probably accurately track my manic and depressive cycles over the past months based on the tone of each previous blog post. You never know what to expect with me, do you?

Well it's a good day today. Minus a massive headache, I'm well. Thought about writing something philosophical, but fuck it. I've got a plastic glowing Halloween pumpkin and an alarm clock with bird perched atop (yes, it chirps the alarm... *and* the bird moves around; so exciting and frivolous) to keep me occupied. Hooray for new toys, especially the former, which came as part of a surprise care package. The later was me being wasteful. Naturally. I now have 4 alarms.

Word of sagely advice to pass down today. As I was walking home this afternoon (yes, I'm aware that was like 10 hours ago), I was thinking about what I should make for dinner. Then I realized I wasn't at all hungry. I wondered about dinner because it was the routine.

So. Don't eat until you're hungry. I'm not going to. I'm still not hungry. I just have a headache.


P.S. Shame on the UK for not stocking clove cigarettes or swisher sweets in corner stores. What kind of establishment is this?! For now, I'll just have to switch to my other favorite, Lucky Strike: "It's Toasted." Enter Don Draper.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, skinny jeans! I haven't actually owned a fitting pair of jeans since I was little. I just dislike wearing stuff that shows off any curves :S I hope to change that.

And I'd say don't eat until you're hungry is philosophical enough ;)

belle svelte said...

I'm more of a roger sterling kind of guy. There's nothing quite like a smooth talking, silver-spooned lazy ass. Anyway, word on the cigarettes, it's getting out of hand.

got myself a "cheap" bathroom scale from Argos...after convincing myself that 55 pounds on a body fat analyzer is useless because 0 is my goal anyway. Less pounds, less fat. So "cheap" one it is.

anyway. size 6? lucky you, I'm still working at a tight size 8. sigh. xxx

belle svelte said...

haven't tried lucky strikes. usually go for marlboro lights.

Pasco said...

Oh Savory dear we used to be at the some position in this battle, and now I'm fat and you're skinny, you're a success and I'm jealous. And proud.

Having said that, it doesn't matter which point of battle you find yourself in at any given time, the misery is generally much of a muchness.

I can't believe you and Lulu are going to meet face to face. Again, jealous, but also petrified for you guys! I wish I could teleconference in... but I don't even skype. I'm a techno-tard and a face-to-face-phobe.

I love you.
And I want your alarm clock.


Flushed said...

I love how you put how many ciggs you smoked! I lol'd.

I neeeed a glowing plastic halloween pumpkin! I take it they don't celebrate Halloween over there. Bizarre. Seriously...what kind of establishment are they running! (obvy, everything that is not American, or SoCal-ian for that matter, is "bizarre!" lol)

Pasco's comment is adorable. I, too, am jealous that you and the Incredible Lulu are meeting up face to face. Totally. AWSUMMM!


PeriAdot (G+P) said...

They may not stock clove cigarettes b/c the effect on your lungs is similar to smoking fibreglass. That's why they don't sell them here in NZ >.<
I LOVE your alarm clock!! Mine has a motorbike on it, and is too quiet to wake me up *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

(Lulu likes this...)

12 cigarettes doesnt sound so bad when you consider that i went through 30!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh clove cigarettes, how I miss thee

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