Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Early Early Edition News Update

Nothing exciting to report except that you lot are adorable. But that was obvious.

...Now a word from our resident personal-life coach: Do something unexpected tomorrow. I'm going to tell my professor I'm a fucking lunatic (ED excluded. To the external world that part of me is perfect), which has never before been revealed. I'm shattering my own carefully-constructed persona. We'll see how it goes. But I've not gone to school for 2 weeks and we've only been in session for 3 so... it's possibly a necessary self-intervention.

And the new craze hitting the streets! The 5 Day Cash Freeze Diet! Folks, my plan is not to spend *any* money until Saturday (minus lunch Wednesday when I may buy a sandwich only because I am working an 8 hour day and if I don't have one small joy during my day as a retail bitch, I will break down and leave tear stains and mascara on my pillow). The food I have isn't terribly healthy, but there isn't a lot either. I hate spending money on food. It's so... fleeting.

Breaking news: I have a tummy ache. I blame booze and chewy candy. Hiss.

That's it for the 2AM edition. I'll see you again to recycle the same garbage at 4AM, 10AM, and possibly 6PM with some different catch phrases to make you think the stories are different, new and/or more relevant.

I'm Savory, and that's the News.


Pasco said...

Awww Savory I love you!

I woke up at 5.30 this morning, decided to sleep til 7, then decided to flag uni altogether and am still in bed at 10am. Which isn't exactly late, except that I have no real intention of getting out of it all day.

I would love to be detox buddies with you! I actually think detox is kind of bullshit, one of those new-age unscientific fads. But I think the placebo and weight loss effects are still well awesome! It's basically just a starvation diet with a facade of healthiness. Yay!

I feel like a need to plan to start it on a week with no interruption though. And I'm worried about starting today because I've been threatened to be taken out to dinner on Thursday night and it doesn't leave enough time. I'd try to get out of it, but Thursday is my last day of uni... EVER, so I feel like avoiding the celebrations would be a bit pathetic. Maybe starting next weekend would work...

Oh spew! Massive long comment about MYSELF! Blah


Anonymous said...

I often wish I lived alone so I could control what food goes into my home and not. And it's kinda a great way to save some money (not buying food) for .. well, people like us.


Holly said...

Savory I love your blog, keep writing! <3

Flushed said...

I'm loving the NewCaster vibe you got going on this post! Haha :)


Anise said...

third letter "D", yes, haha! i am living now in the much larger city to the west but return fairly often to visit friends and teachers and go to a certain awesome place that has killer burritos on the blvd with the same name as the town. (oh, being cryptic is too much fun!). i was there two days ago, in fact, jamming my face full of burritos. how TOTALLY BIZARRE that you are from there, etc., because it really is quite a random place, is it not?
rendezvous sometime, when you're back in town, if you want? it might be kind of weird, but kind of good?

Anise said...

also:, if you want to say more about this!!

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