Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the Street Where You Live

Bella, where'd you go!?


I have to email a few of you because I always bite off more than I can chew and get really manic and get my whole to-do-list done and then I realize I'm not crazy later and don't have the energy to take care of a months worth of work in a week. Neglectful. Tut tutting myself. So, they're coming. And I do love to hear from you, so feel free to send me emails, I miss getting them from readers.


Conversation I had in my head earlier today (not even exaggerating):
"Oh I'll just go into the shop and get my favorite sandwich, that will make me feel better"
"No. You have no money. Your bank account is 1/12 of what it was a month ago. No."
"Oh the Wellcome Collection. I'll just stop into the cafe and get a cookie. It makes me feel good to be in there."
"No. Stop thinking about it."
"Oh if I walk by a Subway, I'm totally getting a sandwich. It's like the only quasi-American food here."
"Kay... but there aren't anymore Subways on the way home."
"Fizzy cola from the corner sto..."
"OK an italian restaurant right next to my flat. If I'm really good, can I come back later this evening and get a take away?"
"Really? What counts as being really good?"
"Anyway once you get inside, you won't want to get back out. There's no food in the house. Trap!"

Yeah. It was a real back and forth thought process. Have you ever realized you're talking aloud? That was probably how it went. Didn't even notice, but half of it was probably mumbled with strange people wondering where my bluetooth was (THANK GOD for bluetooth, before that they knew I was just a crazy fuck).

So, very little food in the past 2 days. But now my stomach looks flat so I'm not tempted to microwave the last remnant of food I have.


P.S. Took out the naval piercing. It was painful but I was too embarrassed and cheap to go to a piercing shop and have them do it. More on that later.

*flies away*


Anonymous said...

At least you seem to have gone through the day in one piece.

I've also been neglecting work :S

Hope you're doing good!

Yum said...

I've got a number of friends who work in bodymod shops, so I know quite a bit. Navel peircings are one of the most difficult to take care of. They stay dirty and irritated all the time, and frequently "migrate". I've always wanted one, but I've never been able to convince myself that it's worth it.

Natxx said...

I made a pact to stop spending, i just leave my purse at home. take out like £5 or something ridiculous in case i need a taxi.

it really helps (:

quite peculiar said...

Lol! You are awesome.

I totally have those conversations ALL the time. The sad thing? I don't have a bluetooth so when I do catch myself speaking aloud I DO look nuts..

I've had conversations with myself where I'm staring at a loaf of bread for about an hour, arguing with myself and then putting the loaf of bread down and leaving the grocery store.. Only to realise as I'm leaving the people behind the counter are staring at me... whoops.

Anyway-- for your piercing put some neosporin or something on there so it doesn't get infected!

Anise said...

drove past your town today and thought of you :D

bella said...

bella here, were you referring to me? i'm still here! everything is super busy and i havn't been able to get onto blogger except for brief crazed posts .... uhg. work sucks. anyways....
and if you weren't referring to me, well, hello!!!

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