Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've lost my phone, and of course it's dead, so I have no idea where it is. I feel completely fractured.


The little voice in my head is being SO damn mean. I guess I call her the dominatrix for a reason though. I love it. I know it's me, but it's a part of me that's been absent for about 2 months, so I'm glad... I'm... back.

Anyway, my hair is starting to fall out again, like really noticeably. I was at my best friend's house last night for a BBQ, eating fruit and pushing around the grilled vegetables he made just for me, when I noticed ALL THIS HAIR ON THE PLATE. So I quickly started picking all of it off. Ugh, I keep shedding. I mean, I've always kind of shed, but it hasn't been this bad since my sophomore year when I dropped 20 pounds during the summer when I was depressed and living alone on Slimfast.

My period also has been strangely awol. I've so far attributed this to the fact that I stopped my birth control awhile back and I might just be in shock. But I told both these things to TR and he was like "Hmm... well maybe you should Uh eat some real food other than grapefruit!?" I'm way not at that point. I'm like at a low BMI but it's still normal. It's not like early May where I was legitimately underweight.

So, I dunno. My body is teasing me. All the side effects, with no benefits.


I need to start keeping a pad of paper with me. I had this existential blog post written out in my head while I was riding the subway yesterday, and then I forgot what it was about.

Sorry for the boring post. I'm having a boring day ;)


Sarah. said...

The irregular period happens to me too and im no where near underweight..
I think its just because we're malnourished. Haha only eating grapefruit isnt exactly a balanced diet :P
Buuut I sort of think its exciting getting these symptoms (as weird as that sounds) because you then know you're doing exactly what you planned to do.. I dunno if that'll make sense..
Ah well
I like the notepad idea, that always happens to me! and i like try to memorize whatever i want to say and then as soon as i get to the keyboard i blank and it is gone :|

Anonymous said...

My period was late this month, I think because of how little I was eating. But then I binged and the day after that it started... I guess there must be a link ...

belle svelte said...

Hey you. Firstly, apologies on not commenting for awhile...been awfully busy lately.

anyway. to answer your questions...I am going to LSE, and Uncle Sam is funding every penny. Dad is employed but he is still negotiating his salary. it's good, he is out of the house.

as far as my weight are on the dot about the restricting: I just hit 130.0 after a day of 600-700 cals. Going to have to repeat this all week for that scale to budge, but the good thing is, I have no parties or events where I'm expected to eat. yay!

lastly. about your hair falling out...are you getting enough vitamins in your system? my hair is shedding too and I almost don't want to go in the shower because I just have to tug on my hair and bunches come out. but that's not due to low BMI...I think it's cuz I just don't take good care of my hair.

there's too muhc of it anyway, might as shed some. i really think the low eating might have influenced your periods...well, it's not a bad thing is it? periods suck. good for you =)

keep writing woman! keep writing!


Anonymous said...

i think no periods and hair loss is directly linked to your diet, not your weight. I am aware those two ARE linked, but it sounds like your body is starting to protest the ways in which you're losing weight.
I dont have the answer though... I'm sorry.

And I find myself thinking about what i'm gonna put in my blog ALL the TIME.

Hooray for the ability of Monday to wash away a week of sins and start afresh!

EvaPuedeVolar said...

My hair is falling out too. Sad. We can be skinny and bald together! I don't really think there is any solution except eating more. Unacceptable.

Oh how we do suffer.

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