Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

OK. I'm in that lovely mindset again. It's time for a fast, at least until Saturday.

The only annoying thing is I'm back on Wellbutrin, Topamax (both of these are good b/c they have weight loss side effects) and it can sometimes cause nausea if you aren't eating. I'll start prozac next week, which is the only SSRI that's been FDA approved for bulimia and binge eating. You all know I don't like labels, so even though I really don't see myself as bulimic, I think that everything's a spectrum and if it can help one ED it can probably help them all :) Plus I need to stop eating like a fat fatty cow.


I'm sure I have loads more to say, but I'm late for work! I'll blog more and read comments later. My little frog is so happy swimming around in his tank, I need to take a page from his book.



Anonymous said...

Have fun at work!
Thanks loads for your comment, I was maybe just wondering how exactly this ABC works?

nadja said...

prozac really helped me a few years ago when i was binge eating. thinking of you, sweetie.

Tri Thin said...

good luck with the fast!

Meggy said...

eating like a fat fatty cow?? hun youre THIN! youre like under 115 now arent you?? wow! well thats awesome if so! and good luck with the meds


Silver said...

I need a good fast too... so hard when people keep making meals !

Good luck though... i'm gonna try to join you but I don't feel too optimistic. xxx

Pasco said...

I fasted yesterday. One day is about the most I can manage. But I just woke up and I'm wondering if it's worth having a crack at day 2... I'll go jump on the scales and see if it gives me any motivation.

I'm on an SSRI and it does sweeeeet fuck all. My GP told me yesterday she was going to MAKE me go to a psychiatrist if I lost any more weight. I sneered at her. Really, she can't MAKE me do anything. I'm 23 and far from formable.

If I lose just a few more kilos I'll meet all the criteria for a DSM diagnosis of anorexia. I'm actually not into this "pro-ana" crap. I don't believe in this omniscient "ana" driving people on or a voice on my shoulder or an ideal end. I don't think it's something to aspire to. I just feel like if I have anorexia nobody can find out that I'm bulimic... because I won't be! Huh!

Dancing in the Shadows said...
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Dancing in the Shadows said...

Wow. I have been gone for so long...
I don't know how you have been, but it sounds like you're as strong as ever! And I seriously doubt you're a fat fatty cow. :) Good luck with the fast!

<3 Samaire

Anonymous said...

Heya, I know I've already commented but I was reading on about this 2468 diet, has anyone done it or does anyone know someone who has done it for a while and how did it go?

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