Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok, so I'm always reading other cooler girls who are like "Okay girls, quick update. I'm at my friend's house so this has to be short!"

Yeah, well I tried to do one of those and totally failed. My friend, who is small and quick and a bit neurotic (her word not mine) totally snuck up on me when I was trying to blog about being worried about going to a bar last night and was like:


Quickly, I closed it and told her I was worried about money. I hope she didn't see my user name. I cleared out her history. We drank and went to Denny's. It apparently made no dent on the scale. I almost wish it did. Like some sort of punishment is needed, "Savory, you are so stupid, I'm going to make you gain 27 pounds from Pancake Puppies and a Malibu/Diet Coke."

Anyway, she may or may not be reading my blog as I write this. Holly, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm sorry I complained about everyone being worried about my weight and tried to get you on my side, when clearly this has been anything but healthy. I'm sorry I left my unfinished Frutista Freeze outside of Mark's convertible that night in the parking lot. It was intentional. I didn't want to drag you in to my fucked up life, like the drama we have to deal with B, L, C, and R (especially R lol).


OK, that's not being spoken of anymore.

I need to go read some blogs and follow some more peeps. I feel like I'm on the cusp of this new community that's forming... and I don't like to be on the outside of annnnything ;)


Flushed said...

Good onyourtoes quick thinking! I love using the money excuse. It works everytime!

Tri Thin said...

that does suck

Ana said...

Sorry you've had this scare O_O
New community forming? Oooh, I hope I'm not out of the loop either. You see, I've been *such* a bum with blogger things lately.

Anonymous said...

oh jeez. nice excuse, though. ;) haha. hope your secret is still in the bag!

Nic said...

That must be have been scary and yes there is this strange community forming I love it. I hope she doesn't find out. I like my blog to be personal and anonymous without daily friends being judgemental. Hope all works out well =)

Aspartame Freak said...

That's horrible.
Im kinda paranoid about daily friends reading my blog (not this one,the one that's written in spanish), but what I fear the most is ex fuck buddy reading it.
That wouldn't be nice, there are about 20 posts mentioning him .--.

Don't be so hard on yourself, it's great that you didn't gain weight :)

Meggy said...

yikes, at least she didnt see any ED talk. that couldve been bad, unless she already knew.
hope all is well weight wise! sounds like it is!

Anonymous said...

uh oh,

savory, dont you dare take chances like that again!

if you had to leave i would be hugely sad. blogging outside of your own intente history is a BIG FAT NO NO.

but also, i love you, and i love that you felt the need to tell us all about your neuroses for the night. did i mention loving you let pretend its not because i'm super drunk that i am able to express affection. lets pretend like we're not all fucked in the head. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah. said...

oohh no! i never try when im at a friend's place.. i sometimes do when they're here, my pc is sorta tucked away a bit, you can hear when people are coming, and you just open a new tab.. next time, dont risk it, you dont wanna be caught out :)

Ana's Girl said...

Oh wow. Hopefully she didn't see too much. That's seriously so scary. Nothing scares me more than people who care about me, ya know what i mean? Lol.

Celia said...

Scary!! I'd hate for my friends to find my blog... and it's so weird how the scale sometimes doesn't punish binges btu does punish you when you've done everything right. Hate it. It makes me feel like there's no point and the body will do as it will. Why should my body think that??

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