Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vaca from the Scale - Part 1

Last Weigh in: 107
I've had quite a few things I've wanted to blog about...

  • my clandestine adventures stealing measuring tapes to measure my waist (23" WHY DON'T I LOOK LIKE VICTORIA BECKHAM!?)
  • the fortune in my cookie the other day: "Remember, it's the journey not the destination that counts" (Don't worry, I didn't eat the cookie)
  • my attempt to eat "normally" around everyone while I'm away from the scale, and home, and safe foods (aka baby food, frozen veggies, and rice cereal) and my failure to be OK with it
  • super secret adventures purchasing Wasted while on an outing with friends... it basically went like this "OH oh, you all go on ahead, I want to use the bathroom in Barnes and Nobles and then I'll catch up with you guys in line for the movies!" Sad sack.
  • My paranoia at keeping said book hidden from the world. I've got Darkly Dreaming Dexter on top of it in my luggage as a thinly veiled attempt to hide it for now. Will wrap it in some sort of shirt later.
  • Then the usu. You know... the pinching, prodding. Mirrors, reflections, second glances at myself.
  • I'm trying to run around and lift as many heavy things (we're moving things out of storage) as possible. "No no, don't help me, it's easier if I do it by myself!!!" Burn calories burn calories.
Last week, I was kind of freaked out by 107. Now that I have no idea what I weigh, I'm thinking "I better damn well be 105 or I'll absolutely die."


In the storage unit, there was a freight elevator I passed by.

Minimum Weight 100 pounds

Part of me at that point wanted to weigh 98 pounds just so the manager could say, "Hold on, you're too small to ride this elevator... we need to put something else on here with you."

I've never thought about going below 100, but now it's so tempting.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOO jealous. SO SO SOOOO jealous of you. OMG.

107?! You weigh less than me and I am 3 inches shorter than you!! Wow, I am so jealous. You totally rock!

Maria said...

Jealous!! You're amazing... This totally gives me motivation to do better.

Sending love!

Sarah. said...

I love wasted, good book. and just like the girls above - i wanna be 107!! Bet you're looking mighty fine :)

Kitty said...

i feel inspired, thanks!

PeriAdot said...

107!? You lucky skinny bitch you!! :D
LOVED that elevator comment ^.^

Minaralou said...

You are just awesome,I would love to be your weight,I am convinced you look absolutely stunnding! :D


Ana's Girl said...

23 inch waist! 107 pounds! I'm so jealous you don't even know. Lol.

Question: Baby food? What makes that a safe food? I've never heard of eating that before, and frankly, i'm intrigued by this new idea.

That would be the absolute best to be told that you don't weigh enough, but without the person saying so trying to stuff food down your throat. I wanna be too skinny for the elevator too!

Celia said...

23 inches! And 10 pounds! WOW. Watch out - people may start to question soon, just make sure you eat in front of others mmkay?

Anonymous said...

i wrote an incredibly long comment which i actually wanted to discuss with other people but i still wanted to tell you that you never fail to impress me with your resolve, and your ability to find exercise everywhere...
oh i always hide ED books - may i suggest just straight up switching the book jacket?

but also, though i completely understand the feeling of just pushing your goal a teensy bit further,(and weighing too little for something, and having to ASK FOR ASSISTANCE because you only weigh 98 pounds), it seems very low. As in i want you to be a happy skinny but without becoming unhealthy - like any of us still believe thats one of the options!

yeah basically this is just my selfish request that you dont become so skinny that we cant be friends no mo' ok? xx

Anonymous said...

youre sooooo tiny!!! i'm so happy for you and so proud but i'm also jealous!! youre doing great girl! keep it up :)

Dot said...

Haha! Too small to ride the elevator :D That's amazing. Wow, I would probably die for a 23 inch waist. That's amazing. And I love all your random adventures! haha!
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

Gahhh, jealous doesn't even begin to describe it... how about crazy envious? :] Seems like I should be following your blog for inspiration instead! Congrats -- and be careful not to attract too much attention (enough to end up with tubes down your throat/nose. blegh.)

Anonymous said...

ahem, COME BACK!

(sorry i know we all have absences sometimes, i just get particularly sad when its you who disappears, i want to know Eeeevryssssing xxx

And did you finish reading wasted yet? I cant wait until its been long enough that i can read it again!

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