Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Stuff, Stuffed Together

This morning I had a freak out. My stupid Belkin router wouldn't let me access blogs because its firewall was making Google think I was sending Automated Traffic/Queries... and was a spam robot.

So I basically haven't figured out h2222222222111 (cat stepped on keyboard) to remedy this so I'm going to steal wireless from the neighbors until I have time to scream out Belkin on the phone.

Popping some Ativan helped. Literally, I was AIMing TR like "OMG OMG OMG I NEED to read my blogs! WTF is happening!? JESUS CHRIST!" And he was like "Calm down. You're getting hysterical." Then I started to bounce off the walls like Bugs Bunny in the cartoons and my dog started scream barking at me (when he does this, I imagine he's saying the worst profanities I know... I'm not going to repeat them here, his filthy dirty mouth doesn't need to be spread around).


Some of you have asked over the last few months about my mother. Well, I've finally found a picture of her that she doesn't despise or claim to be a "Squished Pumpkin" so I think I can finally give you an understanding of why I call her "Paula Deen." My mother is on the left (at my college graduation) and Paula Deen is on the right (ah I couldn't help myself!). I'm sorry to disallusion everyone who thinks she is Paula Deen. My mother would like to clear the air, as she and Paula clearly pernounce the word "pecan" differently and thus it's a total insult. Apparently coming from Georgia and Alabama is also a big difference too. *rolls eyes*. I'm still going to call her P.D. and you should too.


Lastly, thank you to both my faithful readers and commenters, and those of you who are just beginning to follow me on this crazy crazy skewed Savory's Wild Ride, we've got going on. Holly, as I knew she would, definitely did go back and look at my blog, and she's unphased. Like I said, many of my friends are screwed up.

So basically she doesn't care. I guess? I don't know. It doesn't really matter. I've already been institutionalized twice, taken 3 bottles of pills and been forced to drink charcoal, had my 2nd amendment right taken away from me, and gone through 9 different psychiatrists and therapists in the last 4 years. I guess I don't really care much either.

Anyway, I need to get caught up on everyone's blogs now that I'm stealing internet (mwahahaha!)... but I thought I'd send you a link to Holly's website. She's an artist and one of those annoying skinnies who doesn't have to try to be skinny (but of course she wants to lose 5 pounds!). So check it out if you get bored, and feel free to follow her blog since apparently EDs are NBD (nobigdeal) to her ;)

Oooh 10pts if you can find my fat ass!

EDIT: apparently commenting wasn't working, but now it is lol! Thanks


Sarah. said...

HAHA, oh those few comments gave me a good laugh.
Wooop, its working!!

Google was doing that to me earlier on today where i couldnt look at blogs, i was also freaking out about it.. but alas, it appears to be working smoothly once again :)

Id love to have a friend that could read my blog and just disregard it.. But wow! I had no idea you'd been through so much, thats crazy. Very sad actually..

Had a quick sqiz at your friend's site, might go back on later, i didnt really see much cuz something came up and i had to get off the computer..
But yeah :)
Think thats all i meant to say lol..

Anonymous said...

wht were u intstituionalsied for?
ahh yeah charcoal, iv been there, wonder how many calories it is? thanku for ur comment. ur right i do need tlc and ur right again, i could have a tall dark handsome bf. but i love my same height handsome bf, so i will stick with him!! knowing i could have someone taller might make me feel better. im tall 174cm. i never minded being tall till i met him. oh i dont know. im sick of thinkn bout how i want to be less tall, cos like u said i cant change it.

Tree said...

i had issues with my belkin in the past - here's a weblink to help you setup the firewall issue - hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

haha stealing wifi from the neighbors! :) how very creative of you. and i'm not sure that it was a good thing or a bad thing your friend didn't really care about this blog?

ohwell, stay strong!

morg-ana said...

lol nice job stealing internet ;D
and a friend. unphased by your blog? yeah she's either messed up or doesn't really care. or makes it look that way because she's really worried and plans to do something bout it? idk.

and you're welcome for accidently motivating you? lol

SophiaRuins said...

haha i loved your 'bad influence in a good way' comment.

and i hate how sometimes things dont seem to be so bad when other people hear about them, but when its just you, they seem like the end of the world.

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

PrettyWreck said...


Okay, I can totally see why XD They look IDENTICAL.
That's sort of awesome.

And YAY about your friend. It sort of feels nice when friends accept you as who you are, disorders and all.

Ana's Girl said...

Haha. Your mom really does look like Paula Dean. Wow. She claims to be a squished pumpkin, huh? That one made me laugh.

Anyway, nice job stealing your neighbors' wifi signal. Lol. That's totally what i'd do... if i had a laptop... or neighbors!

I'm glad everything's cool with your friend. I was worried. I think i just might follow her. I love art, and hers is beautiful.

nona said...

I miss my cat coming and sleeping on my keyboard when I was on the computer. Actually... I lie. It was incredibly annoying. I do like the fact that yours says a little 'hello, I'm here' and moves on though. 44444dddf Kitty!

As you can see, this comment doesn't really have a point. Just a lurky sort of a follower coming out of the shadows. ;)

Falling_Starlight said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I'm glad there are always people who can understand.

Wow, your mom (PD, lol) and Paula could definitely be twins or something. The hair and their upper-face range.... Are they related??

Sorry your friend doesn't care!! But at least she isn't going to tell or anything--woohoo, silver lining! :D

Libertine said...

My cat bit my phone once, and typed in a few numbers, and I saved it xD

Seriously, I would keep stealing the internet, it saves me so much money :p

I can relate to the psychiatry-gobble-gook.
There just comes a time, where all you can do is embrace it, become indifferent and continue living life.

Stay strong lovely

Chiara said...

im glad your friend didn't care. I would've been freaking out/ deleting my blog.

But I guess, I haven't had to deal with as much as you have (has anyone?)

gooooood luck.

swt mzry said...

Thanks for the comment Hun :)

And OMG your blog is so funny! I love it!! Your mom really looks like Paula Dean hahha!!

I was cracking up! I love how you write by the way :) You have soo much voice!

And damn-- I wish I was pro enough to steal internet!

I love your blogs hun!
Stay lovely :3

Anonymous said...

erm i have no idea who paula dean is but i fucking love it anyway.

and i think your cat made a worthy contribution to this post, maybe it should have a guest contributor spot?

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I think your blog is amazing. You're a writer, tell me you're a writer! :P I love reading it, and I love that you stole internet from your neighbors. Haha

And your mom and P.D.... WOW. Sisters?!! Haha.

Great. Seriously, just great :)

Anonymous said...

PS, seriously... I'm so totally jealous of how little you weigh at 5ft7. JEEAALOUS!!! :P

I used to be under 100, but now I'm 110 :( And I'm only 5ft4!!!! :( :(

Anonymous said...

I love Paula Deen, so anything close is good enough for me!

I'm from Georgia, but my dad is a lot more redneck than I am. He says PEE-can, I say pe-CON. I'm right.

heebeejebus! said...

I HATE PAULA DEEN SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN FULLY DESCRIBE TO YOU HOW MUCH I HATE HER. I'm sorry. I just hate, hate, hate that woman. She's from my city and a crapton of tourists come here JUST to stand in line in front of her restaurant for 5 hours to go in and basically eat butter. And she's one of the only things my city is freakin' known for! That and Ruby. The once-700 lb woman who got a show on Style when she decided to lose weight. That's what my city is known for. Fat people and people who cook food that make people fat. Awesome. Not really.

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