Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Back

I hate it.

Today, I'm going to attempt to brave the LA heat in a back baring sundress.

Really, it's terrible. What kind of person hates their back? I mean, that's probably why the majority of my tattoos are covering it. If someone is focused on those, they aren't looking at how hideous the rest of it is.

I have a couple of scars from several bouts of shingles when I was in high school. It was a stressful time, and at the time, everyone made me feel like a leper. Now apparently, life is so flipping crazy that everyone gets singles... not just me, the terminally ill, and the elderly. So, my scars shouldn't be a big deal.

I hate my tan lines. The juxtaposition. I'm so pale. My friend B loves it. He's a film major and once told me that he would love to do a photoshoot my bare white skin sleeping on silky forest green sheets. It was mostly flattering, and only slightly creepy. B, my gay art-nouveau friend.


I have $20 dollars to my name. $10 are in quarters. I raided my piggy bank from eight years ago. Times are tough. Especially when people expect you to spend your money on food.

Paula D. "You better use that money to get some food. If you pass out in public they will take you to Cedar Sinai. And it'll cost us $30,000 and you'll be locked up again, so I hope it's worth it."

I love her pep talks. I can't fit my baby food in my stupid clutch.


Anyway, I have much things to tell you all that I keep procrastinating on doing and I've been terrible about reading and commenting. Like worse than ever. I've been trying to keep up with google reader, so I hope you know that even though you haven't heard from me on your blogs, I'm mostly trying to keep up with your lives! You all mean so much to me. I love you all dearly and your comments get me through my day (no, seriously, I get really excited when my Gmail app on my phone lets me know I've gotten a new comment! I just wish I could get blogger access on my phone so I could do more reading. Sad day).

Let's everyone have a goal for the day... or depending on where you are, if it's late, what's your goal for tomorrow?

My goal for today is to eat safely even if I don't feel like it. When I'm out with friends, I usually end up eating pastries or sandwiches when I could very well eat a salad w/o dressing. So, salad and water for me!!! It'll be cheaper too :)

What's your goal?


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know what you mean. When my boyfriend wants to go eat (always fast food) I know I should get a salad but I always end up getting a sandwich. Bad.

Kitty said...

i have had a fantastic four day run staying under 800 cals per day.

so today, my goal is to have a high-cal day of 1100 and not totally lose my shit over it!

(so far, so good but i haven't had breakfast or planned what i'm going to eat so not getting ahead of myself!)



Flushed said...

Goal: Don't have more than one drink tonight. (okay, one humongous Pear Cider-yum-my!) Have you ever had the Peach one at Yard House (they only have it at some but it's soooo good!)?

And that paragraph on comments-DIDDO!

Stay Strong!
(And out of Cedar Sinai!)


Yasmine said...

Have fun on your bike ride!

I am planless for today.
The only thing set in my mind is to go for a walk later. Not just for excercise but i need time to think. Walking is good like that.

Yasmine. xx

Ana's Girl said...

You're not the only one who hates totally random parts of her body. I abhor my feet. They're so freaking ugly. Lol. Oh and i'm super pale too, but honestly, i'm ok with it, except for the slight farmer's tan. I hate tan lines of all sorts.

Aww. I love you too. And i can so easily relate to getting all excited about new comments.

My goal is to fast again tomorrow? Think i can do it? I certainly hope so!

PeriAdot said...

Lol I fully bounce off the walls if I get a comment :p Ooo you can get your phone to tell you? 0.0

Go the sundress! You brave thing you! :D

Hmm goal for tonight is to avoid the choccy bikkies my roomie left out fro me. So damn tempting!!

Aspartame Freak said...


*Get through the day
*Get through the night
*Get through myself.

Comments are sexy.

Anise said...

I too am struggling with this infernal LA heat! i have no choice but to wear clothing that shows WAY too many parts of my body that ought to stay covered. it's horrible. i am just hoping (stupidly, i know) that all this sweating is burning some calories...

Lyla Maria said...

Goal today FASTING !!!

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