Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am Pissed

I'm sitting here watching "30 Best and Worst Beach Bodies"


It's stuff like this that makes me think in the same ONE HOUR SEGMENT:

"Maybe it's time to eat some white bread"

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm even thinking about not doing 500 crunches and even entertaining the thought of carbohydrates!"

What the fuck?!?

Between 5 best and worst bodies, the show said that Tara Reid needed to eat a sandwich, and her thin frame was disgusting. THEN it applauded Beyonce's curvy frame AND the fact that she lost 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse diet. Back and forth back and forth. AND AFTER THAT it touted out Victoria Beckham as a prime example of someone we should all strive to look like. Uh.....mmmm..hmm...


Do I need a Kim Kardashian butt to make you happy? Or Jessica Biel's? Or...


andf[oaisdfjlsakfm;alkxcnvapoisdj as;ldfjkasdfjk dfj. I needed to bang on the keyboard a little bit. Sorry, you all know that normally I'm more composed than that. Don't like to show emotion.

Baseline. That's me.

Whatever, obviously I will never ever fit into mainstream society. I don't even want to, so I don't know why this is important. Not that I want to be like hipster or scene either *tosses hair aside*

I'm totally above all of that. Wasting away... not for society, not for you, and certainly not for me.


Pasco said...

I saw that exact same bullshit special about 2 months ago on Australian TV and had an identical reaction. I can barely remember it now but I was infuriated by how they'd jump from being incredibly picky about people gaining a tiny bit of weight and having the "worst" body ever, midst scandlising about what was too thin. It made me want to break the television.

millie said...

gosh, will people ever stop? thats ridiculous. I have never seen the show, but have seen shows like it.
Stupid bullshit show.

stay strong.

CA said...

My favorite is how Jennifer Garner used to get all this crap about how she was too skinny...Then she got pregnant and someone said "She's not pregnant, she's probably just bloated from eating a slice of bread." Then when she's nine months pregnant, one of those specials referred to her as one of the curvy stars of Hollywood. ...WHAT?!?!

PeriAdot said...

Seriously, fuck the mainstream! It only exists to make people feel inadequate and give them something "safe" to obsess over.
Safe. Riiiight.

Ana's Girl said...

How very confusing, but i know the feeling.

Sarah. said...

Ive seen that!!
Its so irritating, and so confusing, i have no idea what to think.. I also read soooo many magazines and they all have contradicting points of view, its terrible, i dislike the media very much.

Lulu said...


You cant want to be skinny in an ordinary way, thats sooooo unhealthy.

But you may be as skinny as you like if you naturally collect all your weight on either your bust or your hips, and we shall worship you as the perfect woman should you be lucky enough to do both without it going on your middle.

And no it was not crunches and lean proteins and complex cardbs. it was HARD WORK AND LUCK AND STAYING HUNGRY.
we all know it.

I'm sorry to have been absent from commenting, the keyboard here isnt QWERTY and its driving me quite mad. this eve hopefully i should have my own laptop working though.

PrettyWreck said...

They want you to be PERFECTLY SKINNY with FAKE BREASTS and ASS IMPLANTS, don't you know? Thin isn't enough unless you're willing to pay to go under the knife.


That's why I can't watch those shows.

I like when you go off being baseline. It gives me hope, because then I realize you're a real person, and I can be as pretty as you one day if I just don't give up.

Yasmine said...

Ignore it, all of it is just bullshit.
It's just society(again) trying to make up the rules about how we look & not to be to skinny because that's unhealthy, instead, let's all be "curvy" meaning, Pamela Anderson curvy who is underweight anyway. Oh yeah, & when a celebrity loses weight, they go on & on about how she's anorexic & all this shit but than they say.. wow she looks great.

Christ this is fucked up.

Yasmine. xx

Flushed said...

Ya I watched some of that too. Ditto on the keyboard banging. It's like a yo-yo riding a rollercoaster during an earthquake. Or something.

I'm gonna go do a workout DVD and bingeing simultaneously now.

(Okay, I'm not.)

Cue Janet Jackson's: Contro-ol~!

obsessed_ana said...

Society has different versions of perfect for different races, height, face shape, i swear EVERYTHING. to them you'll never be good enough but i mean to me it makes me laugh a little that this even upsets you because you yourself probably will never think your good enough either. society is fucked BUT so are we.

Yum said...

Whatever, obviously I will never ever fit into mainstream society. I don't even want to, so I don't know why this is important

The reason is that nobody seems to understand that you don't want to be a part of it, so they keep bothering you. It drives me insane.

Aspartame Freak said...

Fuck the mainstream.

Avoid sarcasm.
My life's boring as hell.
Who said love..
Monotony is a mad dog from hell.

I hate that kind of shows.

Memento Mori <3

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