Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Famished Til Friday: 2

Hi girls! For those of you fasting/restricting with me, keep me posted on how you're doing... it's so helpful for me to know that I just *can't* eat until at least Friday because I've made it public and I've gotten other people on the bandwagon! hah.


This Friday I have to present the findings of my thesis. I'm pretty unexcited. I just want to get it over with. But today I realized I have nothing nice to wear that won't make me look like a baggy rag-muffin (the last pair of slacks I purchased were like USsize 12! They haven't fit in forever but I just haven't replaced them as I'm lazy and hate shopping... it's SO anxiety producing. Nothing ever fits right).

So I venture out with my bottle of water to go buy a new pair of slacks and some cute things to wear so I'll at least feel good about myself even though I know I'll probably fail at reaching GW2 by then...

SIDE NOTE: At the end of the second day of fasting, I had lost 2.7 pounds. Today I hopped on the scale, and I've only lost .2!!! WHAT THE HELL. I'm seriously praying it's because it's nighttime and I've drank like 100oz of water and am just retaining from being on my stupid period. I better be down like serious poundage tomorrow. I have to reach 115 by the end of tomorrow night. AUGH.

... Anyway. So I'm in the store looking at all the hideous polyester pants that I know would make a twig look fat, and I settle on a nice cotton blend that's got a little stretch. Grab the smallest size they have, as I'm optimistic, and they're stretch so they're forgiving. Size 2. They're too big!!! Aww joy. So I step out in my wearable but slightly too big slacks and ask a sales girl if they have a size 0 (trying not to look too excited about those prospects). She gets all fucking huffy at me!

Ok whore-face shopgirl, I'm sorry that you're clearly wearing, hmm, erm a size 18+ but I am not going to let you make me feel bad today. She waddles back and informs me that they don't have one (I didn't see a single 0 in the store, so there's either a skinny bitch stealing them all, or they just don't order as many of them as they do the huge sizes). Sigh, whatever, I'll buy the 2 and know that I'm secretly a ZERO (which is totally arbitrary because I'm a size 0/2/4 depending on the brand/designer).

Tra la la. I skip away with my purchase.


Coming Attractions: I'm currently working on a post tentatively titled "Everyone in The Western World has an Eating Disorder" and I'd love input. I don't know a single person that eats healthy. We're so extreme.

p.s. for all my UK ladies! So, my friend told me that if I say "pants" ya'll will think I'm talking about skivvies and so I must always refer to them as "trousers." True or false? Set the record straight here!


Lulu said...

haha this is true, pants = underwear! but i think most of us would be intelligent enough to figure it out... surely noone hates shopping enough to be wearing underwear 5 sizes too big and just DEALING with the baggyness! ha.

YAY size zero and boo for noone having it anywhere! Its part of the conspiracy to make everyone feel better about themselves by having lots of fat sizes in, i'm sure of it!

And i love the post idea - i think this is true. I remember an ex once saying that he'd never been with any girl who didnt have an eating disorder and i didnt believe him auntil i came to uni and realised that everyone i konw talks/thinks about food way more than they let on! an surely overeating is the most common disorder of them all! xx

Reese said...

LOVE the size 0! I can't believe you went that long without buying pants, but what an ego boost! :)

Ophelia said...

Yay for your shopping joy!! love it :D

Yeah its true about the 'pants' thing, but I reackon we're pretty much used to it being used for trousers now! As for the post, yeah I agree, we're all so messed up when it comes to food - like since we're kids we're told this food is bad, you must eat that, that food is only treat, this food is only for breakfast, you have to eat at a certain time etc etc - really, we never had a chance did we!

Famished til friday is going good! Don't even feel hungry really, in fact I'm rather enjoying the break away from all the stress of meals that I had to deal with when I was on holiday with my friends!

Hope it all continues well for you! x x x

Daisy said...

Congrats on the new size!!

belle svelte said...

congratulations for the size 0!!! it's good to see you having such success with pants/jean sizing and regardless of the size you wear, I am sure you look like a zero =)

good luck!!!

throughraindrops said...

size 0 :D well done

haha yes pants are underwear to me
sumone would have to be pretty silly to not realise you ment trousers though

and agreed every one i would say every one i know has disorderd eating in one way or another

Tulip said...

Hmm I dunno about that one, I think it depends where in the UK your from! To southerners pants = underwear, to us northeners trousers = just too damn posh :-P

RayRay said...

On the one hand, there are so many different types of EDs: binge eating, orthoexia, ana mia, purging disorder (different then mia) that surely everyone fits into one or more. On the other hand, if everyone has an eating disorder then is it really a disorder or just the mental health world trying to categorize us/make money? I'll be sure to look out for future posts from you on this topic, very interesting!

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