Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Prayer

Dear God,

Why do I only believe in you when I want to die, or when I think someone is breaking into the house?


belle svelte said...

my dear you are very eloquent =) if only my essays were as fluid as your posts. i need to work on my writing style, it's getting a bit choppy as of late. anyway.

first thing's first. are you okay? sounds like doldrums where you are at, and I wanted to tell you that you are a perfectly amazing individual =) definitely interesting, and I am sure people do take notice of you...even from people you'd never expect to get attention from.

Secondly...on the issue of God. I have been told that we start to believe in God in our darkest moments in life...when we can't hang onto to anything else, we hang onto hope/faith...eventually God. This applies to so many ways. I know where you are coming from with this post, and while I am no messenger of God...I do believe that God will love/cherish you regardless of how your exercise your faith in God. I totally veered off huh?

Lastly. Yea, you can totally see me patting cows and sheep and running along with apples along the orchard. Really, I am inside this house all day long doing admin work, but I will be doing hardcore farming soon. This is my first time doing anything of this sort...way out of my comfort zone, but I figured this is strenuous activity...while doing something useful. If you have time, get out of the city and go hiking...a bit nature can't hurt!

Lastly...check email later this week. I promise a fat response will be coming from my end...!!!

until then, chin up dearest for you have been quite successful thus far!!!


Lulu said...

WHICH ONE IS HAPPENING SAVORY?? I hope its the second one, wanting to die would be sad, because we all want you to live! I know we all love and support you anonymously and through the internet but truly you are important - i value your insights and support, and take strength from your amazing willpower. Stay strong!! xx

dancing in the shadows said...

Dear Savory,
I hope you don't want to die, because I would miss you so much! I've never even met you in person, but your posts reveal how insightful and genuine you are. Stay strong~~
Love, Samaire.

Jenna said...

I'm sending you love for either of those situations. And I'm with you on the first. You are amazing, don't give up!

what if summer... said...

god is contrived to make us feel comfortable with shitty situations and to blackmail us all into being virtuous. my how fertile the human mind is.

Sarah. said...

hahaha i liked this - i also only ever believe in god when something serious is about to happen
- he rarely pulls through though.. lol
maybe if he actually is there, he may hate us for not believing all the time?
eh, whateverrrrr
this made me laugh

hope you're ok though
gonna read some of your newer posts now, find out what was up :)
(sorry this was so delayed)

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