Friday, April 3, 2009

Tip Share 2009 #2

Still fasting. Day 3. Hate food. Weighed myself (keeps me motivated... I know bad idea). Down another 1.5lbs since yesterday. Almost out of the dreaded 120s!


I woke up and I don't know if I invented this or if I read it somewhere, then dreamed it, and then remembered it and thought I invented it. So if I didn't invent it, I'm sorry I'm not crediting whoever did :)

Get a piece of string, or twine, or cord, or chain... preferably something lovely that you'd like with you at all times. Measure it to your IDEAL (i.e. an attainable ideal, not a corseted ideal or something like that) waist measurement. Or bust or hip or thigh or whatever measurement is most important to you.

If you're using string or something of that sort make sure you burn the edges so it won't fray and ruin itself. Teeny tiny dabs of hot glue work just fine as well. After you've cut your string to its ideal length and properly secured the edges, fasten it with a knot that you can easily undo now and then (here's a list of Sailor's Knots that might be suitable)... if you want to get really fancy, you can add a jewelery clasp to the end. Just make sure to account for the extra length this adds and do some math :)

You can embellish your new string with beads or medallions or whatever suits you. I prefer to keep mine bare as not to mess up the measurement. But again, figure out the math and you'll be fine :)

Loop the string as many times as needed until it makes a comfortable bracelet around your wrist. Wear this to remember your goals. You can use it to measure how close you are, and as a physical reminder when you feel like slipping or losing control.

This might also be a good alternative for girls or guys who don't want to be obvious about wearing an ana bracelet or don't necessarily agree with the message it sends, but would like a physical emphasis on what they are trying to achieve. It's especially difficult because the ana bracelet has received so much media attention. So when you can't keep your thinspo book with you, know you still have something with you to keep you on track (and will literally track your progress!).


Anonymous said...

Holy crap - you're fasting numbers are totally going to kick my ass this saturday!!

I've read about having an 'ideal measurment' string before but having it with you as a physical reminder when the others arent possible is pretty genius, I might just try it. Yay now I have something to do tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Loves it!

hey.hana said...

Gummy bear vitamins are WAY yummy! I dunno where to get them or what they're called as I eat my friend's ha ha but next time I'm out with my mother I want her to get me some if possible. I hate swallowing huge pills so I'm sure I'd be better about it if I could just eat deliciousness.

On the other hand, eating a lot is dangerous apparently slash how stupid would you feel binging on VITAMINS?

Congrats on your fast! 5.5 days to go...

Ophelia said...

This ideal measurement string is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing it, I'm definately doing it.

And congrats on the fast - what an inspiration!!! Giving me a much needed kick up the backside.

I think you're blog is brilliant, and so inspirational, always love reading xx

nadja said...

the measurement string is a great idea!

Pree said...

really, really, reeeally like this measurement string idea!

good luck for the rest of your fast - i'm positive that you'll stay strong and leave the 120s trailing behind you. if all goes well with me this week, i'm following your inspiration and will attempt a water fast next week.

take care my dear x

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