Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rants, Rants, and Irrational Anger!

I hate it when people try to justify not liking skinny people:

"I don't know. I like women with meat on them. Guys who like stick thin chicks must secretly like pre-pubescent girls."

Why does this make me angrier than everything else? It's strange. Let's put aside the fact that muscle and fat are constantly being referred to as MEAT, as if women are heifers and you want to choose the one that's been fattened up a bit so she's not stringy. Ugh.

I don't want to look like a pre-pubescent girl and I know my boyfriend is not a pervert (though I know he prefers me to weigh more, but fuck if I'm doing this for him). I can't help it that when you lose weight you lose it everywhere, but that's what a the wonders of a wonderbra are for, and those tight jeans always boost a tight little booty.

Maybe those guys are just trying to justify why they are with their fatass girlfriends with their nasty cellulite, stretchmarks, and that "I-will-forever-make-swishing-noises-when-I-walk-because-my-thighs-rub-together-like-sticks-trying-to-light-a-campfire."


Last night I was at a chain Mexican restaurant because 2 of my dear friends wanted Margaritas and chips (I haven't had a sip of alcohol in at least 3 months, I was sure I'd get drunk just by looking at it). So because I hadn't been social in awhile and I love these people to death I agreed to go and order a margarita and then pretend to sip on it and just say that I didn't drink like any of it because it didn't sit well with me, which it definitely wouldn't have if I had drank it.

THERE WERE SO MANY FAT PEOPLE. 2 women took up a 6 person booth by themselves. So we had to continue to wait because these giant people couldn't fit in normal people seats. Of course, I start ranting about airplanes and BBW (big beautiful women) and pushy fatasses and "thick" girls (LOL [Sophia] is well informed, ask her about this movement). I think my medication is making me extra angry, but I'm glad I got to vent it out. If obese women and their stupid men wouldn't attack skinny's maybe they wouldn't get attacked back. The end.


And now for something completely different...

This is why I will not be ordering take-outs again: BF wanted Indian. I'm not going to binge on curry and naan so that was fine with me. Tiny nibbles of bread. Spoon full of curry. That would be it for me. Sounded like a plan.

We had to order a $20.00 minimum to get it delivered AND there was a delivery fee. FUCK THAT. So we decided that if there was a minimum + a delivery fee we shouldn't have to tip as well. We are poor and in uni. So BF goes to get the food. The weird delivery guy starts yelling "No Tip?" as he goes to close the door. BF doesn't even have any cash because he paid with his card. He's like "Sorry" and tries to close the door. Delivery guy FORCES the door open and is like "NO TIP NO TIP!" Fucking douche. BF runs away with food.

I, of course, being hopped up with anger/indignation from my meds, call the Indian restaurant and pretend that I was the person who answered the door and that this guy intimidated and scared me and that I would have tipped him if he wasn't scary about it and if I hadn't been confused about the delivery fee. I am SUCH A LIAR. She's like "OK, I'll talk to him." And I'm like "Tell him I would have tipped him but I was confused!!!"

BF tells me I'm an idiot because this guy knows where we live AND has my cell number. We both wonder if this was grounds for him getting fired (anyone see that ridiculous Seinfeld episode with George and the Busboy?). Delivery guys are easy to replace. Not even 30 minutes later I GET A CALL ON MY CELL FROM THE DELIVERY GUY!!!! AAAH. I answer, hear muffled noises, and then he hangs up. Crazy.

Clearly this is a sign from a higher power that I should not be eating outside food or venturing outdoors as this crazy guy could be waiting for me at any moment.


You all shouldn't get take out either. He might be reading my blog and target us all *wink*



*loves living too far out of town so I can't order take-out*
creepy delivery guy... lol
well definitely one thing to turn you off take-out :P

I must say you have a much more interesting life than me haha
love reading your blog :)

Lulu said...

HAHA. There's an episode of american dad where roger tells Haley that her thighs swooshing "haleys-coming-haleys-coming-haleys-coming" alerted him to her approach! too good.

and i cant believe you outed me as a hipster! lol. It amuses me that me sartorial tendencies might be evident in my writing but i've decided its probably all the swearing and smoking that tipped you off...


p.s i have been reading random anorexics for two hours straight. i blame/thank you and hey.hana in equal measure. xx

throughraindrops said...

haha good reason to skip take away crazy dude
seriously people get that crazy bout tips?!
britain we rarely tip!
i hate it how people think its alright to hate skinny people but its frowned upon if you slag off fat people
those people should of been made to pay extra for taking up so much room as should fat people on buses who take up 2 seats


what if summer... said...

is it cool to be fat or something? hmm...
my brother dated a fat chick for a while. we all mercilessly made fun of her... but come on, she was as tall as me (maybe shorter, so between 5'2" and 5'4") and like three times as wide. and of course she wore skinny people clothes because i guess that creates the illusion that you are skinny. wow. i wished for eternal sunshine of the spotless mind when i accidentally walked in on her in her underwear.

yeah some restaurants really cater to the fatties. there's a place where i live where the space between the table and the back of the booth seat is like 3x that of your average restaurant. gross.

i think fat chicks are just pissed at skinny bitches because they're fat. and their boyfriends have to openly defend them because they know she could just sit on him and it'll be game over. being average sized should be "cool." i don't think it's a good idea to encourage Americans' already severe gluttony by making it beautiful to be obese. and yeah, the whole "having meat on her bones" saying pisses me off too. we are not cattle, and we just won't fuck you if you treat us like we are. problem solved.

that delivery guy should be fired. tipping isn't required, you know. if it was then it would already be part of the bill! don't flatter yourself by thinking that hustling a tip out of someone will make you look like your service isn't SHITE.

long reply, but whatev. lol :)

maia fye said...

Yes I find it ridiculous too re meat on women etc etc. It's disgusting and it angers me when people say that women genetically have more fat deposits to be able to bear children etc - even if its biologically true, i dont want to be that way, thats for sure! :D i dont know if you also noticed but fashion magazines have now REALLY stopped using skinny models - before it used be just verbal huff and puff about the horror of anorexic models etc but they finally did indeed stop using them on their pages (i am talking about elle and m claire which i read) - have you noticed? nowhere to look for thinspo these days! :) take care XX

Dancing in the Shadows said...

HAHA that delivery guy sounds crazy. Geez.
And I completely agree about the "meat" statement - I'm not sure what disgusts me more: that people compare fat women to animals (seriously, meat?!) or that people lie through their teeth and call these women more attractive. The whole "real women have curves" thing aggravates me. If that was true, Gisele Bundchen would not be the wealthiest model in the world. It would be a fat lady. GAH I could go on and on. I'll spare you the rant. :P
<3 Samaire

Ana Nas said...

Hehe I love reading angry rant post probably because it makes me feel better about always bitching on my blog.
For the most part it's because there is nothing better then an angry chick who isn't afraid to bitch someone out. You're my hero!!!!

Whenever I start to lose weight I call myself thick and when I gain I call myself fatass.

Ok but to the point I'm trying to make with my broken key board. People these days just don't have any manners what so ever and that makes me angry because I'm all old fashioned when it comes to manners ah some people.

RayRay said...

Omg that is so scary. I mean, yeah I guess I'd be pissed not to get a tip but oh well I imagine they are paying him plenty if they charge so much for food! Lame.

nadja said...

i totally agree with you about the skinny vs "meat" thing!!!

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