Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Plan, Stan

A big welcome and thanks to my new followers/readers!


Here's my plan for the rest of the week.

So I calculated the daily calories necessary to maintain my weight as it is now (1560ish, assuming my BMR is 1388) then divided that number by seven--as in days of the week--and came up with ~222.

This is the number of calories I cannot exceed daily. I have no real rationalization for why I'm doing this or why I think this will work... it's an experiment! For all I know, this will be as effective as only eating things with pink wrappers. Or something equally absurd.

I'm still going to try and vary my calories between 0 and 222 so that my metabolism won't get used to any specific caloric intake. After I restrict extremely, I'll go back to restricting between zero and eight-hundred (I don't know why I'm spelling out numbers sometimes and listing them other times, Straaange!).

Girls in the competition, I can't promise I won't weigh myself.... just not at the point that I can successfully break myself from the daily scale affair. I'll try my darndest though. I'm apparently back on the Topamax and Wellbutrin just for funzies. I apparently can't keep routines or break them.


I'll post my meal plans for the next few days, as if they're *published* well then, damn, I have to stick to them ;) You can skip this part. I'm just going to pretend that everyone in the world has read this and will be EXTREMELY disappointed if I don't religiously stick to these meals:

April 6
-little apple (50)
-vegetable broth (20)+carrot (21)
**today I had no appetite so I didn't eat anything! weird**

April 7
-4 celery sticks (21)+buffalo wing sauce
-1 carrot (21)
-5 tender bits (100)
-popcorn (30)

April 8
-oatmeal (170)+almond milk (10)
-vegetable broth (20)+carrot (21)

April 9
-pear (51)
-4 celery (24)
-3 tender bits (60)
-popcorn (30)

April 10
-Indian curry (150)
-1/2 whole wheat tortilla (65)

April 11
-little apple (50)
-popcorn (30)
-1 tender bit (20)

All the popcorn listings are optional, as a may or may not eat them... but they're bulky, low cal (air popped!), and I can season them if I want. I can also choose to fast for a day instead of sticking to one of the meal plans.


Keep up the fierce competition for those girls who are in it to win it :)
Adventurously yours!



Pasco said...

Oooooh wow! If you stick to that you'll whoop me for sure! I've had 200cal so far today but I'll be adding another 100 in a banana for dinner... I've heard they contain tryptophan which can help with sleep :)

Lulu said...

I read all your food so now you cant break it mwahahaha...

Thanks for your comment babe, its so much easier with all you guys out there supporting me!

Good luck with your plan batman!

em said...

best of luck, you can do it! i'm anxious to see how your plan works out because i was thinking of doing the same (dividing BMR and such)... perhaps i will experiment with that next week. You go girl, haha. xox

maia fye said...

Hey sounds really cool. Am currently on a weird water-and-coffee fast which I invented myself - dunno if it works but the plan is to lose 3.5 pounds by friday-saturday - doesnt sound like much but gosh its been bloody hard! good luck and stay strong! X

SophiaRuins said...

you can do it!
and i will be EXTREMELY disappointed if I don't religiously stick to those meals. =]
just kidding.

you can do it hun!!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you've been calculating but the to maintain your weight.. it's going to be around 1500 minumum ( and thats low) if you still weigh 120 pounds.. the calculators are already per day, you don't need to divide it by 7!! I'm assuming that you've figured this out all ready... only cut your recommended cals per day by 500-1000, for a 1-2 pound weight loss/week. Or else you'll just gain back the weight that you lose. I know from experience.. and every time I got to 95 pounds (I ate 600 cals/day) I would start eating only 1300 cals a day to 'eat normally' and I'd gain ten-fifteen pounds... do yourself a favour and lose weight by eating atleast 1000 calories... make your weight loss count.

Savory Sweet said...


Thank you for your comment and support. I appreciate your readership :) Unfortunately, I mentally can't eat that much. I have an eating disorder. Even if I lose all the weight I want to ideally, I have no intention on gaining it back by eating "normally" because I know that that's how you gain it back. It's all been thought out, compulsively.

I do encourage your continued comments. I love hearing from people!

EvaPuedeVolar said...

Hey Savory!

Uh, what's BMR? I've only heard of BMI. I feel like a noob. I'll have to do some research.

I also read your entire food plan and will definitely be EXTREMELY let down if you don't follow it. You're right about the popcorn, it's really a great low cal food. Plus, I love that stuff!

I loved your post about the ribbon/string measurment thingy. I think I'll made one because I'm really not comfortable wearing an Ana bracelet and calling attention to myself. Thanks for the great idea!

Good job on your water fast. And good luck with your new plan and the competition!
<3 Eva

Jenna said...

It looks like a good plan, love. Stay safe.

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