Monday, April 27, 2009

No Excuses. Time To Fast.

First off, Hello and thank you to my new followers and readers!


My weekend of avoiding the scale failed miserably. I need it to keep myself on track. Scare tactic. Today, I shot all the way back to 120 (was 116.0 on Thursday) and this is absolutely not acceptable.

Unfortunately, BF convinced me to go grocery shopping yesterday and I bought a bunch of produce. But I think they'll keep until the weekend because I AM GOING TO LOSE 5 POUNDS IN 5 DAYS.

Watch me.

Water fasting. Not a morsel of food will touch my lips until Friday afternoon when I have to eat for my stupid scholarship luncheon (and then I'll be eating salad). My thesis is due this Friday at noon and I've got a bunch of other shit I have to do concurrently. So I don't even need to be worrying about food. Fuck it. I'm tired of making excuses and allowing myself food, and then breaking down and eating more.

I am in the right mindset for a good water fast and me & the scale are BFF again.


Anyone who wants to join me, or wants support in whatever they are doing right now feel free to email me or leave a comment. We all need to stick together :)

I'm calling it: Famished 'til Friday.



nadja said...

I'M SO IN!!! i won't water fast (doesn't work for me, i get really depressed, and then i end up binging), but i'll restrict like hell. xxx!

Pasco said...

Hahaha Famished 'til Friday: Awesome!

I still feel full from last night. Horrible.
I reckon a little famine is just what I need. My stomach is like a big stretched out garbage bag begging for food, so it's gonna be tough!

Super duper uber best of luck with water fasting. Stick it out! x

SophiaRuins said...

oohh i love the name!
i wish i could but im TERRIBLE with fasts.

good luck!!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Ophelia said...

Absolutely love Famished 'til Friday!
I'm definately on it :D
Water - yum yum yum!

(sorry been away for a week so only just catching up with blogs - but I love the TB post - I totally get what you mean about the Romantic Victorian image of the woman wasting away - and I understand what you said about not being able to respect a fat artist... I never really thought about it before, but it's true... it would seem ridiculous!)

enjoy fasting!
Ophelia xxx

skinny love said...

I will try this fast. I love water so much it (well, it won't be easy) should be a breeze.

I'm going to add lemon juice, however. Water alone is a bit tedious.

How often during the day will you drink? Have you got a little schedule or something to go by?

Since you haven't got any restaurants in your vicinity (you live in California, right? There's a large Afghan population in Freemont), you should look some recipes up!

If you made an Afghan dish, it wouldn't taste as authentic as if it were made by an Afghan, but you should be able to cook something that was really similar.

Of course, I don't know why I'm suggesting that you cook food....

Thank you for the support; I'll be right here to help you too :D

MiniKitty said...

I'm in! Ok so I'm a day late but better late then never! P.S you are super clever with the name!! Skinny Love, be careful adding lemon to water, it will increase your appetite! Restaurants put lemon wedges in water so that you will eat more, so try some crystal lite or slimquick powders if you dont like the taste of water. Good luck everyone!!

PrettyWreck said...

I would LOVE to be able to have topamax, but they just came out with a generic for it, which runs at still over $100. I don't have prescription insurance, just a discount card. My ADD meds are about $90/month, my emergency migraine meds about $19/pill (about 2-3 pills a month), plus the doctor visit monthly to be able to get refills on my ADD meds and migraine meds is $45 a month (because my ADD stuff is a highly controlled substance or sommat.)

Even if I wasn't purposefully restricting, I'd still lose weight, because I'm too poor to afford food XDDD!!

THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE THAT I HAVE. One is a girl at 177 pounds, then at 117. When I get down to 103, I'll post up my before pictures (when I was around 200! :O!!!) and after ones :3

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. <3

Btw I love your blog. And you!

x x x

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