Monday, April 13, 2009

New Picture!

I did like my old one, but I was starting to feel... I dunno. It was creeping me out.

So, although I hate changing things because it makes me antsy, I've decided on a new picture that I've deemed suitable. And it's actually of me! Well, as much of me as I feel comfortable showing without worrying about someone seeing it :) It's also a super old picture of me. Whipped out my photoshop brushes and camouflaged it.

So that's that. Hope there's no confusion :)

Also the thesis is still not going. Wrote 2 paragraphs and then got stuck and distracted. Watched a TON of ana videos on youtube (I have so many comments, but I don't feel like rambling about them right now)... also the weight has remained stagnant since last night the Easter candy got brought out early, oops suggested by me. So I ate a fair share of that, but I haven't gained so I'm ok with it.

Fasted all day today. Tomorrow I am venturing out to re-stock my fridge with veggies. I am craving cucumbers!

Ok lovelies, going back into hiding to work on the stupid paper and wishing you all the best. I'm probably still going to compulsively check ya'lls blogs but I'm trying not to be on AS much :) LOADS O' LOVE!


nadja said...

good luck with the paper! xxx

Sarah. said...

wow, really liking the new photo - nice photoshopping :)
wishing you luck on the thesis

shimmery slippers said...

Your photo seems lovely! Good luck with your thesis, settling down to do something that seems so time consuming can be challenging!

Much love,

ella xx

Natasha said...

Yeah, your photoshop skills are awesome - good luck on your thesis...just take it one paragraph at a time :)

Maria said...

Great photo! And good luck on your thesis :)

Love, Maria

belle svelte said...

nice photo, so retro-vintage!!

anyway, your thesis--> you can do it. it's hard and seems difficult to put pencil to paper...but is there a way you can start on a different section?

i assume you are doing what I did: i cut my thesis into 4-5 parts, and started writing the third/fourth part before tackling the intro/conc. strange, but it helped me focus on each separate part as opposed to being freaked out by the whole!

as they say...divide and conquer!


EvaPuedeVolar said...

I have a big project due Wednesday, nothing like your thesis, but I still should have at least started it by now. Ugh. I am a terrible procrastinator. And speller, so don't judge me!

Craving cucumbers is pretty awesome. I often crave tomatoes and I love that. Healthy cravings make me feel cool.

Love the new pic. You are so talented. I've been thinking mine was getting a little stale, maybe you've inspired me to find a new one.

<3 Eva

Pree said...

Good luck with the thesis lovely!
Love the new pic btw.
Reading your post has made me crave cucumbers... Will indulge post fast as a treat (we'll see).

Take care... x

Anonymous said...

Agh I loooove the pics. Have "fun" working on your thesis. :)

skinny love said...

Ah, I'm so glad a thesis is far away in the less thing I have to deal with at the moment.
But good luck!

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