Saturday, April 11, 2009


So the Sat-Sat challenge is over. I'm down 4 pounds since last Saturday. Would be proud of myself but I recall at least 2 binge sessions during the week that make me convinced I could be much further along if I were stronger.

But I'm definitely in a better mindset now. Though my weight loss, I'm fearing, is starting to plateau. Yesterday I ate a pear and nothing else and the scales barely budged. So today because my boyfriend wanted to celebrate Easter (he's working tomorrow morning) and because I have technically reached 118, I allowed myself to eat a full breakfast (760 calories). I know I know, it's huge calorie wise, but for the first time in weeks, I ate a meal (aka above 200 cals), and didn't break down and binge afterward for feeling defeated. I have regained full control. This is all I will eat today and possibly until tomorrow's dinner.

Hoping this freaks my metabolism and helps me lose weight again to get to 113 and beyond. 3.4 pounds to 115.

I said I would post my measurements once I hit 118, so here they are in inches (so ashamed):
bust: 34
waist: 25
hips: 34
thigh: (at widest part) 20.5 (5in above knee) 16
wrist: 5.5
bicep: 9.5

Bleh. I'm only doing this because I basically rip my soul to pieces with you all daily, plus I've just told the world what an oinker I am. UGH.


I have to take a short break from blogger. My thesis is looming and I have 30+ more pages to write this week. I'm going to try and make them fun pages. But I'll try and check blogs once a day... but if I'm not obsessed about commenting like I usually am, you know why :) All my love and support!



shimmery slippers said...

Bets of luck with your thesis sweetie, and congratulations on dropping those 4 pounds! You did amazingly!

much love,

ella xx

Pasco said...

4 pounds! That's super duper :)
Your measurements are good too. Well proportioned. I know a lot of girls on the ed bandwagon aim for the androgenous look, but I'd way prefer to be teeny thin around the waist but maintain something of an hour glass sillhouette (I'm thinking Grace Kelly perhaps...?)

throughraindrops said...

4 pounds !
well done at hitting 118

Tulip said...

Good luck with the thesis and don't worry about the breakfast you've done so well to drop 4lbs so think of it as a treat ;-)

Jess said...

Those are GREAT measurements...nothing to be ashamed about.

Anonymous said...

hello WINNER!!! well done well done well done, you put me to shame. I think the big meal should defs work in your favour by tricking your metabolism into stepping up a gear...

Good luck with thesis funtimez and i hope to see you back soon - remember we're all here if you need us! xx

EvaPuedeVolar said...

Hey Savory!

I think you made a good decision allowing yourself some calories. I hope it will help your metabolism get into gear! And congratulations on getting out of the 120s, I know how exciting those milestones are.

I am totally with Pasco about the tiny waist and curves. I also want to look womanly. Skinny womanly though.

Good luck finishing that thesis. What is it about, by the way? I'm sure you'll rock it though!

<3 Eva

Maggie said...

sounds like your doing really well!! wish I had the same mindset at the moment. Your post has motivated me though

good luck with your thesis =)

hey.hana said...

Congrats on winning, you deserve it!

And your measurements are almost all .5 less than mine ((except for your waist - SO jealous)) and I'm hoping that could be an indication of what I'll look like at 118. So... thanks for that!


Meggy said...


stay beautiful darling

Ana Nas said...

Great job 4lbs is awesome. Also I wish I had your measurements right now I would give anything to be 118. Good luck with the thesis

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